In order to maximize the results from Internet department sales, it is strongly recommended run campaigns to internet customers and re-activate customers with special offers from the dealerships buy sildenafil online.

buy Xanax online The e-mail campaigner is tool that formats the outbound e-mails created from various follow up email templates and sends the e-mails to the consumers and stores the e-mails similar to Outlook fashion for future verification and viewing.

viagra for women over 50 DealTimer's E-Campaigner tool is very powerful to maximize the sales in the internet department.

Features of Email Campaigner

  1. Ability to create list of customers for e-mail campaign
  2. A powerful e-mail system is built into the ISM Tool for both inbound and outbound communication with customers. No need to use Microsoft outlook for e-mailing
  3. Captures and tracks leads from dealership WEB site and manufacturer WEB site
  4. Graphical e-mail support for following e-mail communications
  5. Add notes to the internet leads