Advanced Deal Pencil

List Price :$495/month

Dealer Sales Manager can used DealTimer advanced desking tool to check how much gross profit one can make by proposing the back end menu selling finance products.

Features of Advanced Deal Pencil

  1. DealTimer's advanced desking system provides following features:
  2. Create Virtual Car Garage for each of the customers
  3. Pull any vehicle from customer's virtual car garage
  4. Deal Presentation in multiple formats
  5. 4-Square or Full-Details Mode
  6. Pull Credit Report from Equifax and other companies
  7. Finding the best financing option for maximum dealership profits
  8. Pushing the deal into DMS System
  9. Finance Manager – Menu Selling Options
  10. Extended Warranty
  11. Gap Insurance Sale
  12. Disability Insurance and Balloon payment options
  13. Back-end Gross profit computation
  14. Sales Person Commission Computation & Tracking
  15. Split Deal Commission Computation
  16. Post Sales – paperwork
  17. Computation for drive out price, including county tax computations.
  18. Reverse computation based on the requested drive out price from Customer.
  19. Fleet Sales – Supporting Fleet Sales with corporate discounts or promotions
  20. Tower: Virtual Sales Manager (VSM), where the system emulates the Sales Manager tower and views all the sales activities in various sales people's cubicles from a central location.
  21. Managerial level tracking of front-end and back-end gross on all the deals.
  22. Sold deals during the past 3 month on a Trend Graph.
  23. Deals created by an individual sales person along with their Status.
  24. Virtual Car Garage – park as many cars/deals as possible in virtual garage

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