Credit Application

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Imagine replacing old fashioned hard copy credit application with electronic credit application! Want secured credit application to be filled visitor or customers online? This will save about 30 minutes for each customer at the dealership.

The GM who grew dealership grew from 120 cars to 400 cars per month sold, quotes, “if the sales person enters every required piece of customer information for pulling credit into the CRM database, the manager saves about 10 minutes per customer at sales tower, by not having him/her key in the same information into Credit company nor into Bank Application Submit Portal like DealerTrack”.

Features of Credit Application

  1. Remove paper trail in the Dealership
  2. Avoid penalties from Government for credit application lying around copy machines
  3. Reduce 10 minutes per customer of sales persons time
  4. Reduce 10 minutes per customer of sales managers by avoiding duplicate data entry
  5. Ability to pull the buyer and co-buyer customer info from Drivers License Scanning into Credit Application
  6. Ability to pull information from Internet Leads into Credit Application.
  7. Collect Credit Application Info like Current Residence Details, Past Residence Details, Current Employment details
  8. Past Employment details, primary income details and additional income details
  9. Manager can export Credit Application Information into Credit Company
  10. Credit Companies supported: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian
  11. Types of Credit Reports: Individual Credit Reports, Merged Credit Reports
  12. Export Credit Report Highlights onto Work Sheet for Desking

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