DMS Push

In order to achieve smooth flow in the dealership operations between sales floor and F&I departments, DMS system integration with CRM system should be extremely seamless.

Features of DMS Push

  1. Helps the reduction in data entry of managerial staff in the dealership and helps to reduce the waiting time of the customers in the dealerships.
    • Integration modes: Pull Information from DMS System , and Push Information into DMS System based plan books.
    • The CRM System pulls new and used vehicle inventory from DMS system twice,
    • Ability to pull the Service Repair Orders, helping the sales and BDC staff to be in touch with customers,
    • Ability to view Service appointments in the fixed operations,
    • Push the deal information into the F&I screens of the DMS system and this eliminates the necessity for F&I manager to key in the same customer information again,
    • Update the CRM system with customer number #, and keep the customer records in sync,
    • Update the CRM system with DMS Deal #, and keep the customer records in sync.
  2. Advantages:
    • Avoiding the data entry operations,
    • Eliminates the duplicate work,
    • Reduces customer waiting period,
    • Eliminates the typographical errors in name and address, as the information is fetched from drivers license scanner or from the leads submitted online,
    • Improved CSI rating,
  3. Ease of Using the System:
    • As there is no manual data entry, the management staff really enjoys the speed and efficiency in desking the deals,
    • Mouse driven screen helps to navigate through the system fast and smoothly,
  4. Question:Is it reliable to push the information into the DMS system?
  5. Answer: It is absolutely reliable to push the information into the DMS System. Apart from pushing the information, the CRM system prints the entire post sale paper work, and the F&I manager can verify the text pushed into the DMS system.
  6. Question: How often does the system pull the inventory from DMS system? Is it reliable data?
  7. Answer: The system pulls the inventory information from DMS system twice or thrice, depending on the configuration of the CRM system. The CRM system does not depend on the make model trim information entered in the DMS system. CRM system automatically explodes the VIN and creates its own make, model and trim information of the vehicle and provides additional information on all new and used vehicles.

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