Automotive BDC

Automotive BDC suite of products

BDC department can make or break the dealerships. Every dealership employee who makes less than 40K per annum belongs to BDC. DealTimer BDC suite of modules

  • Why:Typical customers visit more than one dealership before he/she makes final decision on purchasing a vehicle.


    How:Read More

  • DealTimer's BDC system helps in totally automated operations for mailing Post Sale Thank you letters.


    Connects to DMS System.

    PullsRead More

  • Want to have a professional calendar to track the daily, weekly and monthly activities for sales reps and manager, DealTimer follow up calendar is loadedRead More
  • The BDC manager tool act a like BDC manager, managing the tasks for dedicated BDC staff in assigning them the work and managing all the follow up activities,Read More
  • In order to maximize the results from Internet department sales, it is strongly recommended run campaigns to internet customers and re-activate customersRead More
  • The success of the dealership depends on how many ways they tried to reach the customers and bring them back to the dealership. More than a phone call,Read More
  • Are you procuring Sub-prime customer leads from 3rd party lead providers by paying thousands of dollars every month? Are you purchasing 100s of subprimeRead More

Auto Dealers BDC department can make or break the dealers in 21s century

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