Letter Generator

The success of the dealership depends on how many ways they tried to reach the customers and bring them back to the dealership. More than a phone call, written follow up letter makes customer feels that the dealership cared for his/her business and he/she will be willing to return to the dealership. The letter generator system prints all the pending follow up letters, including the “from ” and “to ” addresses printed for the convenience of mailing.

Features of Follow up letter Generator

  1. Increased traffic with returning customers in the show room,
  2. Improved sales in the dealership,
  3. Improved gross margins on sales from satisfied customers,
  4. Reduced marketing budget, because of improved ratio of Lead Purchasing to Closing Ratio,
  5. Improved CSI rating,
  6. Streamlined operations in sales floor brings reduction in stress levels of sales and managerial staff,
  7. Reduced stress levels improves the chance of retaining the successful sales staff to stay in the dealership,
  8. The overall dealership operations are improved dramatically and hence life in the dealership.
  9. The system can print these letters automatically over night,
  10. The sales staff or managers can print these letters manually,
  11. The contents of letter are pre-filled with vehicle details, such as make, model and trim information
  12. No need to print address labels, because system prints the postal address on the top of the page,
  13. The letter is ready for signature and mailing,
    • First Visit follow up letter
    • Multiple follow up letters, until customer is tired of communication from the dealership
    • Sold – Thank You letter for all the customers purchased vehicle during the day
    • Manufacturer Survey Reminder letter, for improved CSI ratings
    • 30 day follow up letter after purchasing the vehicle
    • 90 day follow up letter after purchasing the vehicle
    • One year anniversary letter after purchasing the vehicle
    • Happy Birthday letter/card

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