Online Calendar

Want to have a professional calendar to track the daily, weekly and monthly activities for sales reps and manager, DealTimer follow up calendar is loaded with the list of activities. Very conveniently, the staff can click on the calendar and directly go the activity and take the action instantly.

The main difference between successful dealership and loss maker is how effectively the dealership is bringing the customer's back to the show room. Either sales staff or dedicate BDC reps make follow up phone calls to bring the customers back to the dealership. Daily Plan Books help these operations run effectively.

Features of Online Calendar

  1. Two modes of plan books: Hard Copy Plan Books , or Online Calendar based plan books
  2. Individual sales Rep's next-day follow up phone call list is printed overnight
  3. Multiple sheets of one rep are sorted
  4. Plan Book sheets of multiple reps are Sorted for easy distribution
  5. The details provided on hard copy is sufficient enough for old-fashioned sales rep not to login into the CRM system
  6. Optionally, the old-fashioned sales rep can turn in their sheets for data entry into CRM system
  7. Ability to update the plan-book activity result instantly online, if one is using on-line calendar
  8. Ability to schedule next activity
  9. Ability to enter the notes of follow up activity
  10. Increased traffic with returning customers in the show room,
  11. Improved sales in the dealership,
  12. Improved gross margins on sales from satisfied customers,
  13. Reduced marketing budget, because of improved ratio of Lead Purchasing to Closing Ratio,
  14. Improved CSI rating,
  15. Streamlined operations in sales floor brings reduction in stress levels of sales and managerial staff,
  16. Reduced stress levels improves the chance of retaining the successful sales staff to stay in the dealership,
  17. The overall dealership operations are improved dramatically and hence life in the dealership.

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