Sales Reps System

Sales Reps CRM module is part of Sales Floor CRM, with sales reps interface to create leads, follow up with customers, search for vehicles and add to the sales lead and generate powerful reports.

Every sales person requires private login and secure area to manage his/her own customer records electronically and perform their day-to-day sales operations. Imagine the sales person using easy to use screens for over 8 to 10 hours a day to make their living the under the dealership roof!

Features of Sales Reps System

  1. Separate secure login interface for Sales staff!
  2. Tracking split deals and avoiding the confusion of ownership of lead,
  3. Tracking Internet leads against walk-in customers and giving credit to Internet department
  4. Easy access to the Vehicle Inventory
  5. Personal online calendar to track follow up tasks and daily plan books
  6. Powerful reports for self tracking, and many more features
  7. Question:How does CRM help Sales Managers to monitor all Sales staff operations?
  8. Answer:It is very challenging for sales managers to stay on top of their sales reps, as the successful sales managers job is too pressureful. In order to reduce the pressure and stay cool, the sales managers can use the Sales-Manager-Tower like modules to monitor the sales floor operations from one place.
  9. Question: Is Dealers CRM Helping Sales Reps to stay on top of their leads?
  10. Answer:Usually sales reps slack in making follow up communication in the form of phone calls or sending letter or e-mails. Successful sales people would have quickly realized that the only way to increase their commissions is by persistent follow up. The management can take the help from modern CRM technology tool in guiding their sales reps for follow-up communications. If there are many successful sales reps, it is often recommended to add BDC rep who makes phone calls on behalf of the sales reps and bring customers back to the dealership.
  11. Question: Can my sales staff pickup the CRM technology?
  12. Answer: There are two types of sales reps; old fashioned and younger generation. Old fashioned reps may take little longer to use the technology, but their experience in superb and it is often recommended to assist old fashioned successful sales reps with a secretarial service. Younger generation can easily pick up the technology.

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