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Typical ADs in TVs, Radio, Billboards get few seconds of attention from the modern car shopper. Landing pages built around the KEY memorable words not

  • Want to reach 10000 to 15000 potential customers with direct mail campaigns? Spending anywhere from $5k to $10k for direct mail customers and inviteRead More
  • For each of the Radio Ad, TV Ad, Billboard Ad, Newspaper Ad, we can create a special landing or landing pages depending on the AD theme. Additional pagesRead More
  • Have you thought of bringing the customers who visited the dealership about 2 years or 3 years, or 4 years ago. By data-mining through the past-customerRead More
  • Want to buy Pay-per-clicks from Google? It is very important to create a landing page for each of the keywords and land the customer onto these pages.Read More
  • Want to support the Banner Ads from AutoTrader by building a landing page with details? By creating landing pages for Autotrader and Ads, theRead More

Dealers Paid Media ADs landing pages for traditional and green ADs.

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