Google PPC Campaigns

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Want to buy Pay-per-clicks from Google? It is very important to create a landing page for each of the keywords and land the customer onto these pages. Advantages: Most of the pay-per-click Ads land the customers to main website home page. Instead, by landing them on to the specifically designed landing page, customer will find relevant information to the keyword, and tend to click additional links on the landing pages.

Features of Google PPC Campaigns

  1. As an Auto Dealer, are you getting the best value for your PPC monthly budget spending month-after-month? Whether you are using Google Pay-Per-Clicks to defend against your competing dealers stealing your customers, or you want to bid against your customer’s Google AD words and expand your business, DealTimer can help you accomplish your goal.
  2. Our expert PPC management services can help you to attract new car buyers and sell more cars. Depending on the competition from local car dealers, the AD management can become very complicated and frustrating for dealership staff to keep on tuning the keywords on a frequent basis. In order to maximize the returns on monthly PPC budget, one has to thoroughly analyze the PPC initiatives of competing dealers, analyze the organic search results on keywords and keep tuning the list of keywords throughout the month.
  3. At DealTimer, we bring the transparency of every dollar being spent on PPC accounts with your own credit card and we simply provide PPC management services.
  4. For a given keyword, there are four places where search engines like Google would list your dealership. a) TOP Place: Google Pay-per-clicks, b) Middle place: Dealerships listed for search keywords based on number of positive reviews and score, c) dealership websites are listed at the bottom with organic results for a searched keyword, and d) on the right hand side with PPC search results. Many times, the 3rd party companies provide PPC management services for dealerships with technical expertise in designing the Websites, no clue about reputation management in getting dealership website listed in the middle.
  5. Why choose DealTimer to manage your Dealership PPC initiatives:
    • DealTimer understands all 3-areas affecting PPC effectiveness: Selecting the best keywords based on the inventory on hand, keywords helping dealership website being listed based on Social Reviews right below pay-per-clicks, and finally, analyzing dealership website Google analytics and select the keywords where the dealership website is ineffective and dealership is losing business to the competition.
    • DealTimer brings the best returns for every dollar spent on PPC initiatives: DealTimer analyses existing position of the Dealership website on Google search results for a given keyword and appropriately selects the keywords, where these is competition from local dealers and avoids to spend money on PPC campaigns where there is no competition.
    • Competitive Analysis before selecting keywords: Though many SEO service companies claim that they use tools to find out what keywords are being used by the competing dealers, it is very important to know that Google never provides such details directly through own tools. They provide basic information about competitive analysis for AD words, and the service provider has to infer from that content and select the keywords either to defend their own customers or steal customers from the competition.
    • Landing pages for PPC AD campaigns: DealTimer builds required landing pages for each of the PPC keyword before directly landing the customer to the Dealership Website. If we directly take the customer to the dealership website from PPC AD, many times customers would get lost and often will have poor conversion rate. Instead, DealTimer can build a landing page for the important PPC keyword and link and then either provide a form to lead generation and/or have a link to the vehicle listing page.
    • DealTimer provides full-PPC-management services: DealTimer selects the AD keywords after analyzing the inventory using Deal Timer’s inventory management systems analysis tools. This way, certain keywords are chosen in order to sell certain type of vehicles on a continuous basis, or select certain keywords on a seasonal basis to maximize the effectiveness on the campaigns for new models introduced, one-of-a-kind used car models, luxury cars in the inventory, etc.
    • DealTimer deploys its Reputation Management solution to boost Dealership positive reviews on 25 different social platforms and get Dealership Website listed right below Google Pay-per-click ADs. This way, even if the customer did not click on your Dealership AD in Google PPC section on top of the page, once customer sees your dealership name in the Google White page listing based on reputation, he/she would feel comfortable to see your dealership getting listed there too!
    • DealTimer provides expert on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization services for content in Dealership Websites. This helps to ensure to get the dealership listed in Google Organic Search results for every possible keyword in the PPC campaigns. Even if the customer did not click on your dealership in PPC section on top of the page, or your dealership link in the Google White page listing in the middle of the page, there is higher possibility to click on your dealership link in organic search results section.
    • DealTimer is an engineering firm to know PPC initiatives thoroughly: DealTimer, being an engineering with more than 80 different tools for automotive dealers, provides an expert PPC management services.
    • DealTimer provides in-depth reports on PPC campaigns for management to review: DealTimer provides easy to understand reports for management to view the effectiveness of PPC campaigns.
    • DealTimer provides Marketing Services on these social platforms:
      1. Twitter Campaigns: Social Prospecting Tool to locate customers searching for Dealerships with a search keyword,
      2. Facebook prospecting
      3. YouTube Channel Management with Vehicle Video Feeds, Vehicle Inventory Photo Feeds with editable SEO of title, keywords and description and auto-upload of videos.
      4. Craigslist Vehicle Posting Services and generating leads for only $2 to $3
      5. Instagram Platform Management Services
      6. FourSquare Platform management services
      7. and 10 more Social Platform management tools.

    • DealTimer analyses which keywords are effective and which keywords are not effective and tunes the keyword list for the best results

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