Newsletter Website

List Price :$245/month

Why Newsletter website? When the dealers have newsletter service from 3rd party, the content and pages vanish when the following month newsletter is updated. There are several advantages by having news Newsletter Website Solution from DealTimer. The Newsletter website pages never expire. The newsletter pages are accumulated over the months and years and belong to the newsletter website

Features of Newsletter Website

  1. Google caches and lists all the pages Newsletter Website pages as if they are part of the Dealership, where as when they are provided by the 3rd party news letter, those pages belong to the 3rd party vendor instead of Dealership's.
  2. The Newsletter dealer websites have department level areas allocated for Internet Manager, Used Car Manager, New Car Manager, Parts Manager, Service Manager to have their weekly Tips, FAQs, Promotions, Coupons created and published in matter of minutes.
  3. Newsletter can be emailed to subscribed members and keep them looking towards the Dealership for all of their automotive needs

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