Group Websites

List Price :195/month

Why settle for a landing page for Group websites with links to individual Dealership websites, when we can create a full blown professional website for the entire group. Dealers with more than 4 franchises should build a corporate group website similar to,, etc. The corporate group website will be felt in Search Engines as if the automotive group has flexibility of providing vehicles in different prices ranges, for different driving needs, wider base of pre-owned cars with cross-selling between groups' locations, etc.

Features of Group Website

  1. If you have a concept or special feature for your Group Website, we can custom build it for you for only $195.
  2. Great search Feature to search inventory across the group of dealers
  3. Provide 1000s of back links from individual dealership Websites, boosting the page rank of the dealer websites
  4. Department Level links from Group Websites to individual dealership dealer websites
  5. Group Sites are designed with Corporate Look and Feel for visitors
  6. Please note that the Website is the Gateway or EYE for customers to look into the Dealerships Internet, Sales, Service, Finance, Parts and Service department. Unlike other others, DealTimer has more than 18 different modules that Internet, Marketing, Sales, Service, Finance, Parts and BDC departments that are built on WEB based technologies. For a creative dealership or dealership, literally, all these 18 different products can be sucked through the EYE of the Internet Marketing, by plugging in these tools into the Website!
  7. If you are group of 5 or more stores, DealTimer engineering team bring your Vehicle Photos, Windows Stickers, Internet CRM, Sales Floor CRM, Service CRM, F&I Desking, BDC Follow up, Email Campaigner and other operations into smart Website. DealTimer helps the dealers to reduce their overall IT budget over 70% with integrated solutions for Sales, Service, Internet and BDC departments. Please click on and learn about other products.

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