Secondary Websites

List Price :$395/month

Why alternate dealer websites? You can Search Engine Optimize alternate website for the cities, Google Places, search keywords, landing pages for paid media search, etc. By carefully designing the Website pages in Alternate Websites around different sets of popular keywords, one can draw customers to these alternate Websites. Based on the franchise, location, and competition in the region from dealers, we design alternate dealer websites.

Features of Secondary Websites

  1. Alternate dealer websites when listed in 1st page of Google search results, they will push the competition down from 1st page,
  2. Reach customers where ever you want in the region with proper optimization,
  3. If you have small town with purchasing power, an alternate site can be search engine optimized for 4 to 5 such smaller towns, and make yourself a virtual satellite dealership without physical operational cost
  4. Build and embed landing pages from paid media, such as TV, Radio, Billboard, Newspaper Ads and get the best bang for the buck,
  5. Strategize the Search Engine Optimization and back links with additional dealer websites and boost online presence

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