Community Websites

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Social Community Sites? This is big ocean. If you have specific marketing plans in your local town, and your sales reps and managers have established relationships in the local communities, it is very easy to build a community website for an automotive section.

Features of Community Websites

  1. Build Social Community dealer websites for each of your models in your city and direct customers
  2. Most of the dealer principals or dealers after passing on the dealerships to sons for day-to-day operations donate thousands of dollars to local or national community and/or charitable organizations. Often these non-profit organizations receiving donations from dealerships may want to send some business back to the dealers for their humanitarian donations of both time and money.
  3. Each of non-profit organizations may include “automotive” section of their site can driven by Community Website with content. The automotive section of community website could provide helpful content for local car shoppers in educating customers about new model releases, tips in maintaining vehicles, providing forums for vehicle owners to exchange question answers on vehicle purchasing ideas, vehicle financing ideas, vehicle maintenance tips, coupons, etc.

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