Service Login Portal

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List Price :$495/month

A powerful service customer login portal to self-serve service appointment scheduling, setting up to receive reminder emails from service department 2 to 3 days before actual appointment and several powerful features.

Features of Service Login Portal

  1. Service customers can register and login to the Service CRM
  2. Enhances the service customer interaction with service department
  3. Easy scheduling: Gives freedom to schedule service appointment in minutes instead of calling and waiting on the phone for longer period
  4. Set service appointment reminders
  5. View historic repair orders
  6. Service Customer Portal registration.
  7. Ability to retain the existing service customer base.
  8. Marketing drive for seeking new Service Customers.
  9. Improved SSI rating for Service & Repair operations
  10. Reduced marketing budget with Technology & Call Center Services.
  11. View list of all service records with details on the vehicle.
  12. View the list of Service Specials available.
  13. Create a Coupon for Service certification and print the coupon.
  14. General Service Appointment Request Form
  15. Ability to update profile to receive service reminders 1 week or 3 days before actual appointment.
  16. Ability to create a new service appointment and add it to the service reminder scheduler.
  17. Web Hosting of the Portal WEB site
  18. Download the “Service Records” database from DMS Systems from ADP or Reynolds & Reynolds.
  19. Schedule “automated reminders” for typical services, such as “Oil Changes”
  20. Send e-mail reminders for service reminders prior to the scheduled appointments
  21. SSI Manager: Ability to manage Service Satisfaction Index by conducting online survey for completed service Repair Order.
  22. Online parts Catalog: Ability to create a store front for selling parts through WEB site.