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Why blog website? Blog dealer websites provide excellent platform for changing the customers thinking around your thinking with thought provoking articles. Or if you simply want to use the content from your manufacturer, our Blogging Engine can help you to create weekly, monthly blog updates in matter of minutes with fresh content and publish. Blog dealer websites crawled more often than other dealer websites by Search Engines for fresh content Blog dealer websites can provide 1000s of back links to the primary website or sister dealer websites for all of the departments

Blog dealer websites can keep on accumulating the pages for monthly issues, with newly added blog pages and articles linked to the previous issues and articles and in turn create more inside links

Features of Blog Sites

  1. One-Click publish features makes the our Blogging Websites easy to maintain
  2. RSS feeds with 100s of news articles from manufacturer are processed and made available for including them into blog sites with one mouse click,
  3. Ability to publish blog articles to publish on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus accounts with one mouse click
  4. Keep blog content with the latest news on concept cars, new model releases and related news items,
  5. Dealers can subscribe news articles from 3rd party news providers in the form of RSS feeds and these news article are made available to published on blog sites with one mouse click,
  6. Blog sites are crawled more often by search engines and content off blog sites is give more priority for SEO page ranking purpose by search engines compared to the content from non-blog sites,
  7. The latest news from manufacturers attract current and potential car buyers to book mark the blog site as the source of valuable research content,
  8. Many more powerful blog related features make the blog site.

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