Vehicle Brochure

List Price :$195/month

Dealers typically pay $25 per brochure to outside companies and keep it as a reference. Now dealers can print unlimited copies of vehicle brochures for just $145 per month and hand out a 20-page professional brochure on each of the new and used vehicles to every customer.

Vehicle Brochure module is so simple and powerful, a busy Sales Rep can print a professional brochure with just a mouse click. VehicleZine module prepares a 20-page Professional Vehicle brochure for both new and pre-owned vehicles (all makes and models from 2001) with “vehicle drive” comments from auto experts, feature by feature explanations, options and packages installed, embedded vehicles photos, and dealership contact information.

Features of Vehicle Brochures

  1. More than 20-pages in professionally formatted brochure not just to keep it as reference but to give away to interested customers.
  2. Vehicle Brochures have very detailed new car test drive review content
  3. New car test reviews provide detailed information for sales associates to present all vehicles to customers as a pro
  4. One-Click printing enables each printing of 20-page brochures in seconds
  5. Print Brochures even for new vehicles and hand-it out
  6. Vehicle brochures have Dealership contact information on the back side of the brochures
  7. Digital Brochures are complimentary content pages for Online Customers in place of Hard Copy Brochures on vehicles. Often the Digital Brochures can present the Vehicle details, functioning of the various features in more interactive ways than hard copy brochures.
  8. Digital Brochures effectively boost the page ranks for Dealership Websites with Search Engine Optimized pages.
  9. Digital Brochures can be effective in presenting the following content:
    1. Complete details of vehicle: Interior features, Technical Specifications, Warranty details
    2. Interior and Exterior images supplied by manufacturer >
    3. Actual images of vehicle taken by photo vendor
    4. Stock image of vehicle, if the photo vendor images are not available
    5. Interactive Video on vehicle
  10. DealTimer can custom build Digital Brochures content with Graphic Rich or Interactive Flash animations and generate leads from Digital Brochure pages.
  11. Core Sections of Digital Brochures Educating Sales Reps and Customers:
    1. Exterior Comments: : Detailed view of Exterior features of the selected vehicle,
    2. Interior Changes, Description and Comments: : Detailed view of Interior features of the selected vehicle,
    3. Test Drive Reviews and Comments from Experts: : Several Automotive Experts write comments on changes introduced in that year to the vehicle, by comparing the vehicle with the competing models of other makes. This information alone is extremely useful for the sales rep to explain a car buyer and win their confidence on the product knowledge of the vehicle.
    4. Mechanical Equipment: : Mechanical details of the vehicle,
    5. Safety Ratings: Complete details about the safety features built into the vehicle, with 360 degree rotation using mouse
    6. Warranty Details: Full details of manufacturer warranty,
    7. Photos: Stock photos of the new vehicle or photos supplied by picture taking company for used vehicle.
    8. Color Choices: List of Colors available for the selected model of the vehicle
    9. Options and Packages: List of options and packages the vehicle loaded with, or possible to add after purchase
    10. Walk-Around comments: These comments are extremely important for sales rep to understand, remember and present it to customers during test drive.

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