Vehicle Photos

List Price :$295/month

Dealerships often pay outside companies between $11 and $20 per vehicle to take photos of their inventories. A lot with 100 vehicles could cost upwards of $2000 per month for just photos.

Your detail rep spends less than 12 hours month to save $2000 per month on used car photos. To start free trial for in-house vehicle photos click here.

Our Vehicle Photos modules help eliminate this bill completely. All you need is a nice digital camera and DealTimer’s Vehicle Photos module.

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Features of Vehicle Photos

  1. Save over $2000/month on 100 vehicles with in-house photos module of DealTimer. The in-house photo module is powerful and simple, even the “cleaning” person can take photos using an Ipad (supplied) in 30 seconds after cleaning it.
  2. Also, added bonus, you can take photos for New Vehicles for FREE, equivalent of $2000 additional savings on new vehicles photos. You simply pay $195 for DMS integration of Vehicle Photos modules, and entire software is free. This is the same software used by photo taking professional charging $20/vehicle for photos.
  3. System automatically resizes the photos to thumb nail.
  4. Now with in-house photo rep, every vehicle on the Internet will be With actual Photos, where as more than 30% of the vehicles will not have photos, if the external photo taking rep is visiting the store weekly once.
  5. Sell at least 10% more cars with in-house photos.
  6. Vehicle Cleaning Person can take photos in 2 minutes
  7. Easy to use IPAD driven tool for Each operation
  8. Save $11 to $20 per vehicle every month on photos
  9. Vehicle Photos on Website on the same day
  10. No need to wait one week for vehicle photos
  11. Take more photos of important and expensive vehicles

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