Data Distribution

Buying technology from 10 different vendors under one roof makes it challenging to use products effortlessly and seamlessly. DealTimer offers a one stop solution by not only providing more than 15 different products for sales and service departments, but also helping seamless integration with more than 25 different vendors in the automotive industry.

A lack of seamless communication between different products costs a dealership thousands of dollars to transfer data from one system to another.

Features of Data & Photo Distribution

  1. With more than 40 partner company integrations, DealTimer ensures that your inventory on WEB is updated in a real time manner.
  2. Photo distributor removes sold vehicles from the new list
  3. Photo and data distributor adds newly arrived vehicles to the list
  4. Photo distributor distributes photos and vehicle data to,, Dealership Website Vendor and other online dealer websites.
  5. With the ability to upload multiple times a day, Photo distributor syncs with Autotrader and, Website Vendor feed processing timings
  6. Photo distributor's automated data distribution enhances accuracy of the content

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