CraigsList Posting

List Price :$395/month

A powerful Craigslist integration service to create varieties of Craigslist ads, uploads them to Craigslist, track customer views and clicks, and brings the visitors to the Dealer Website's vehicle details page. The ads can be tuned for a Sub-prime focused car shopper, luxury car selling, or normal craigslist posting. Dealtimer graphics department creates ads based on the dealership's individual strategy for attracting customers.

Please click here to start $75 off on your first month Craigslist posting service and there after month-to-month, and no-contract.

DealTimer solves the latest problems of Craigslist AD flagging, deletion and ghosting with innovative in-house algorithms built into our software suite. Being engineering company with over 70 different tools for car dealerships, our engineers go extra mile to figure out the Craigslist platform and all the required algorithms to stay compliant and maximize the results compared to any other Craigslist service in the automotive industry.

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Features of Craigslist Posting

  1. Selling Cars through Craigslist platform can be very straight and easy with DealTimer Craigslist Posting Service!
  2. No contract on Craigslist posting service. Just issue 30-day notice and month-to-month term.
  3. With the latest Craigslist changes introduced in April 2013, Ghosting and Flagging the Craigslist ADs for deletion are the biggest challenges for dealers. DealTimer changed all of our in-house built algorithms to produce the best results for the dealers.
  4. Our employees monitor the customer's behavioral patterns and posts the ADs for maximum views and clicks.
  5. Most of the Craigslist vendors use the 3rd party Craigslist tools and hence will be not able to keep up with the Craigslist posting rule changes needed in the tools and it reflects in the results.
  6. Over 100 combination of ADs created with several templates from
  7. Custom designed AD templates with dealership buildings, local city popular images, dealership logos, etc.
  8. Extremely powerful analytics: Track every AD when it is clicked and by whom, how many other ADs the same customer has viewed, how many ADs that customer has clicked on, etc.
  9. Typical Results: Dealership having up to 60 pre-owned vehicles could expect about 30000 views, 2500 clicks and 100+ phone calls, and 100+ leads.
  10. Influencing Factors: How competitive is the price of the vehicle determines the click-ability of the AD? If the dealership vehicles are too pricy compared to other dealers advertising on Craigslist, it is difficult to attract customers to click on the AD and submit the leads.
  11. Preliminary Research: We recommend the dealers to take a minute and go to Craigslist and search for vehicles the dealer usually sells and see if there are lots of ADs on similar vehicles, and if there are, compare the prices of vehicles advertised.
  12. Craigslist platform can be easily used to attract thousands of customers to the dealership Websites and sell a few more vehicles every month.

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