DMS Integration

Looking for right and tight integration between your sales department and the DMS system? If you are selling more than 100 vehicles a month, you probably are seeing 500 to 600 potential customers at your dealership. How many of these visitor profiles are being saved in your CRM and in your DMS system? DealTimer products create very tight integration between the sales floor, the finance department, the parts and service departments and the DMS system.

Features of DMS Integration

  1. Two Way Integration with ADP, Reynolds and Arkona DMS Systems,
  2. Vehicle Lists extractions form DMS systems daily or even hourly,
  3. Sales CRM Pushes Sold Vehicle and Application information to Finance Module of DMS System
  4. Service CRM pushes the service appointment schedule information to DMS system
  5. Ability to accept the price changes in DMS system and reflect it in DealTimer Inventory management and rest of the Websites with data distribution
  6. Retrieve DMS System Customer contact number and Deal numbers and store in CRM system for easy integration and DMS push operations

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