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List Price :$595/month

Want to get your dealership listed right below Google pay-per-clicks for FREE? It is very easy if you can collect a few positive reviews from your sales and service customers. Typically dealers pay $7K to $12K to get their dealership listed right below Google pay-per-clicks. Why do we need Reviews Websites like When you have a customer expressing a positive testimonial, this Website will be the one-stop place for him/her to give positive feedback on Google Places, Dealer Rater, Yelp, Merchant Circle, Yahoo! Local, City Search, etc. dealer websites.

Please click here to qualify for $595 per month special to start Reputation Management.

DealTimer wherever it is possible integrates with the 3rd party reviews such as Dealer Rater and pulls the reviews for you to review and monitor them through our Back-end for any negative review submission so that one can jump at it and interact with the customer and correct it within the window of the period.

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Features of CSI Manager


  1. Designs a Professional Reviews Website:A reviews website like helps sales and service customers to post reviews and display the most recent Reviews from various review websites.
  2. One Stop-place to post Reviews to Customer Review Collecting sites:, Better Business Bureau(BBB),, City Search, DealerRater,, FourSquare, Google+ Local, InsiderPages, Instagram, Kudzu, Judy’s Book, Merchant Circle,,,, WhitePages, Yahoo Local, Yelp, YellowBook, and YellowPages
  3. Get Listed on Top of Google, Bing & Yahoo Search Results: Dealership with more positive reviews in your city gets listed on top of Search Engine results when customers search with keywords, say, “Honda Dealers in ABC City”..
  4. Supplies 5000 colorful postcards of “4×6”: Sales managers and Service Advisors can hand out these post cards with Review Site information and directions for posting Reviews.
  5. DealTimer Pulls and Displays All Reviews:Dealers do not have time to log in to dozens of Reviews Sites every day! If there are 25 review sites and there are 2 stores, the internet manager has to monitor 50 different sites every day and it’s a very time-consuming process. In order to make it convenient for the Internet Manager, Reviews Engine pulls all the customer-submitted reviews into the Reviews Site Database, so that the internet manager can view all the reviews from 25 different review sites from one place.
  6. Get E-mail Notifications on all Reviews on the same day! This helps extremely busy managers to keep an eye on all negative reviews & take immediate action on negative reviews and convert them to positive reviews. It is very important to resolve negative reviews because one negative review can cost tens of thousands of dollars in potential revenue from sales and service customers.
  7. Avoid delayed action in attending the negative reviews: Solves Dealer’s problem of logging into all reviews sites daily and watching for negative reviews posted by frustrated customers. If there are 10 reviews sites like Dealer Rater, daily logging onto these sites can be extremely difficult and challenging.
  8. Highlighting Negative Reviews: All Negative Words in Reviews are Highlighted for quick scanning. This helps the busy managers to quickly scan for all negative terminology used in the review posting.
  9. Ability to rectify negative reviews, convert into positive review and bring the customer back to the dealership: If dealers can act on negative reviews within a few days of posting and resolve customer issues within say, 7 to 15 days (period changes for each review site), the review companies allow the negative reviews reversed by posting customer with a positive resolution.
  10. Get 10-fold reviews from Sold & Service Customers: By simply providing a Reviews Website platform, ability to post reviews to multiple review sites, the dealership can get dozens of reviews every week. More positive reviews will not only wash few negative reviews from frustrated customers, but it helps to get the dealership listed right below pay-per-clicks.
  11. Sample of Positive Reviews listed on Website: This sample of positive reviews not only helps the dealership employees to gain customer confidence but also customers giving new reviews get the idea of what to write in the reviews.
  12. requesting satisfied customers to post reviews.
  13. QR Code support: By clicking on QR codes on Post Card, on the Reputation Website, or in the Email, customers are taken can directly onto the posting page of review sites.

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OEM CSI-KPI Myths               How Loyal Are your Customers            Customer Experience Manager        Compare CSI-Reputation Vendors

OEM CSI Booster               Pre-Appointment CSI Reviews             OEM CSI Booster Flyer             EdVoyles Acura CSI Success Story            

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