Social CRM

List Price :$195/month

A new internet manager walked in from non-dealership industries, may wonder how dealers are surviving without powerful social platform tools. With in few weeks of facing the challenges in dealership, he would start appreciating the non-technical managers and dealer principals hard work day-in and day-out and becomes like them; meaning he would not able to co-up with the dramatic new tools and marketing avenues available in new social platforms. We all understand that old school way of spending over $30 to $40K marketing budget will be switched to ultra-modern green marketing soon, but how to adapt to it is the big question.

DealTimer, being an engineering company, is quietly designing missing integrations between traditional CRMs and Websites of Dealerships to ultra-modern social platforms for Dealership internet staff to weed through the social garbage and engage the customers one-on-one. In order to tap into social, internet managers can not hang onto a small tool from a vendor, rather they need a toolkit to stitch their own ideas into powerful lead generating machine. You do not want tool for a monthly fee, but programmer’s brain to feel the depths of the social platform and convert it into a lead, like needle in the hay stack.

Product Brochure

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Features of Social CRM

  1. Traditional CRMs are solving dealerships operational problems. DealTimer Social CRM Link connects the traditional dealers CRMS with social platforms.
  2. Traditional Websites are managing the dealership online presence. DealTimer Social CRM Link extends traditional Websites to market to millions of potential customers on social platforms and bring them back to the dealerships.
  3. Dealers using Inventory solutions like Vehicle Photo vendors, Auto Trader, EBay type of solutions can expand their marketing out-reach to millions of customers overnight with social media presence of their inventory and online ADs and engage customers to generate new source of leads.
  4. DealTimer is an engineering company, rather than being a competitor to the traditional vendors of dealerships, DealTimer social tools would complement the missing functionality in the traditional vendors.
  5. The last and final advantage of working with DealTimer Social suite: Having DealTimer built Websites, CRMs, Inventory solutions, and now the very powerful toolkit for social platforms, DealTimer is the only engineering partner in Dealership with total inner knowledge of every technology vendor in automotive market.
  6. Hence, DealTimer is the idea technology partner for Dealers for Social platform expansion.

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