Social Prospecting

List Price :$495/month

Dealers have and love-and-hate relationship with technology vendors. They sign for technology tools for social expansion, and cancel them 3 months later. This is never ending game, until the internet manager sees DealTimer as a technology partner, as if they have social platform software programmer as torch light in hand and walk in the social darkness.

Most of the vendors try to resell a social tool from another technology to 1000s of dealers or become busy in selling that tool top-down from manufacturer level and fail to address the dealership frustrations when they are not able to generate revenue out of social platform spending. If they are asked to make change to their code to address their problem in social platform, logistically it is extremely hard to deploy that change to 1000s of dealerships and it takes months and years.

DealTimer is an engineering partner who can take the dealer's frustration out by programming the needed last-mile lead hunt with in-depth understanding and no-obligation of implementing the same tool to 1000s of dealerships.

If you are frustrated dealer in the social penetration, DealTimer programmers are your trust worthy partners. We suggest you never walk in the social platform without DealTimer programmer in hand!

Product Brochure

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Features of Social Prospecting

  1. No need to switch from one social tool to another every 3-month period
  2. Have a programmer as torch light while talking social lingo or walking in the pitch dark and confusing social marketing platforms. DealTimer programmers only can understand what is there in heads of Pinterest programmers, Instagram programmers, YouTube engineers, Google's innovators, FourSquare AD Creators, and many more platforms.
  3. When you are frustrated with Social tool not making money, if you talk to that vendor sales rep, what would you find? Another social story! Right ? You are busy sales people in selling and servicing cars. Would you want another sales rep from technology as partner, or want a software engineer who decipher the confusion with clarity and move the bull dozer in war zone and build the lead conversion code to generate new stream of leads.
  4. There is another advantage of working with DealTimer engineers! When you partner with DealTimer engineers, our innovation in generating new stream of leads with our innovative code will not walk into 1000s of dealers across the street. You get the enjoy this new stream of leads in social platform with in your dealership for a long time to go!
  5. Have an idea for social cruising? We can pour programming life to it.
  6. Frustrated with lead mining in social drama? You must need a programmer with all the development skills!

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