Tier-1 for CSI Bonuses

Dealers are extremely busy in selling vehicles and servicing their vehicles and often fall behind in CSI/SSI indices. Without CSI/SSI boosting solutions through automated surveys and reviews, dealers will be compliant with their manufacturers and receive tens of thousands of dollars in manufacturer bonuses. DealTimer provides tools required to perform these CSI and SSI surveys in three modes, a) manual way, b) semi-automated way, and c) fully automated way.

A few negative survey results could pull down the CSI/SSI scores costing dealers in loss of tens of thousands of dollars in manufacturer bonuses. It can be easily reversed by using Boosting CSI / SSI Score tool from DealTimer. Now, dealers can not only catch all the negative reviews in advance and correct them and also add 100s of positive surveys and receive tens of thousands of dollars in additional manufacturer bonuses month after month. Manufacturers are very conscious about brand recognition and CSI and SSI scores.

As an engineering company, DealTimer can easily sense the negative surveys and help the dealers to correct the negative surveys by attending to them timely.

All It takes 3 BAD Surveys
to kill Tier-1 CSI Scure

DealTimer CSI Booster Full Service Keeps dealers in Tier-1
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Boosting CSI and SSI Score solution suite: DealTimer offers solutions for monitoring negative reviews, inviting customers to participate in surveys through mail campaigns, collecting basic and extended surveys, and directing customers to give positive reviews on dozens of social platforms.

Faster charging

Up to 33% faster charging than Series 6 footnote

Measure oxygen

Measure your blood oxygen with a sensor and app

Large display

Largest Always-On Retina display yet

Adaptive EQ

Adaptive EQ that tunes music to your ears

Wireless charging

Wirelessly and effortlessly recharge

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CSI Technology is 300% more efficient and cheaper than human staff!

See this simple CSI Booster Process shown on the left helps to bring more Google Reviews and also retain dealerships in OEM CSI Scores in Tier-1 and $200K to $300K per quarterly bonuses in the form of cash, vehicle allocation based on CSI scores, or CSI Awards.

No matter how much ever the GM or Service Managers have processes to engage advisors to follow up with the customers to keep Tier-1 scores, nothing beats the technology help in this area and relieving already busy service advisors from CSI related follow up communications.
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