Certified Websites

List Price :$195/month

Why separate Certified Websites? When searching for certified vehicle, a certified website attracts customers, hoping that they will get additional information on certified vehicles. In reality, our certified dealer websites have excellent content on manufacturer certified program, certified promotions, etc. A professional WEB site for Certified Program, with excellent search engine optimization can be a great asset to convince the customer why they should purchase a certified vehicle compared to the regular used vehicle.

Features of Certified Websites

  1. Dealer certified dealer websites attract more visitors compared to regular dealer websites,
  2. Certified Websites have more detailed content on certified programs
  3. Certified Websites help to push the competitive dealer websites down the Google Search Engine Page Results
  4. Manufacturer Certified Program (CPO) pages contain detailed information
  5. Used car sales reps can use certified website to simply convince customer how certified vehicles are comparable to brand new vehicles, and costs almost half of the new vehicle prices

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