Used Car Websites

List Price :$195/month

Why Used Car Website for your dealership? By building Used car Website for your dealership, when customers search for used cars, more of your dealer websites show up in Google first page. You can literally push the competing dealer websites, and 3rd party dealer websites listing down to second page in the Google search page results. When more of your dealer websites appear in the first page, you simply increase the possibility of the visitor clicking on one of your website links in Google.

If the visitor clicks on one of the 3rd party dealer websites hosting your used car inventory, it is very likely that he/she could browse other dealership used car inventory and potentially you could lose that customer.

Features of Used Car Websites

  1. Used car alternate website can be optimized for different cities, adjacent cities, Google Places, keywords, etc.
  2. Used car alternate dealer websites of your dealership can push the competition down in Google Search Engine Results pages for a given keyword optimized well,
  3. More choice of used car selection when the used car inventory combined from all the sister stores in the region

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