Dealers Vehicle Photo Module Features

Dealerships often pay $11 to $16 per vehicle to 3rd party companies for vehicle photos. If there are 100 vehicles for photos, the total bill for photos reaches about $2000 a month.

Vehicle Photos modules help to eliminate this bill. All it takes is to have a nice digital camera and Vehicle Photos module from DealTimer.

Dealers Vehicle Photo Module Features

  • The core features of Vehicle Photos module:
    • Separate secure login interface for Used Car Manager or Inventory Managers!
    • View list of Used vehicles added to the DMS System,
    • Ability to upload the photos for list of used or new vehicles,
    • The system automatically assigns the photos to the vehicle based on VIN #,
    • Print the Buyers guide for used vehicle,
    • Print the Window Stick and stick it to the vehicle,
    • The system uploads the updated photos to up to 12 Internet Sites such as,, etc.
  • Eliminates the bill for vehicle photos to 3rd party picture taking companies.
    • Eliminate the bill up to $2000/month for vehicle photos,
    • Do not have to wait for one week for photos to show up on Internet Sites,
    • If taking pictures is painful task, outsource only picture taking task and still save over $1000/month,
    • Ability to maintain the pricing of the vehicles from one place for all Internet Sites

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