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For most of the Nissan Dealerships achieving the sales CSI scores is very eaasy. However achieving the Service CSI Scores for Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 is a bit challenging because very few of their happy customers take time to complete their surveys. Even after maintaining good CSI scores until the end of the month or quarter, even on the last date, if  2 to 3 unhappy customers fill the surveys with scores of 200 to 500 out of 1000,  the entire quarter's score can be pulled down. 

Nissan OEM CSI bonus is paid on each of the sold vehicles, provided both sales and service CSI scores are in tier-1-2-3 levels. Nissan dealership could be leaving more than $200K of OEM bonus on the table uncollected because of poor service CSI score!

In addition to this, Nissan has two surveys, one quick pulse survey and the second one from NNANET with a long 27-question survey.  Daily downloading the Nissan Disposition data files from NNANET can be a very time-consuming job for service staff. This is where we recommend to move from work-hard-csi-follow-up to work-smart-csi-followup phase with a few smart and easy follow-up operations for boosting service CSI scores that would heap tens of thousands of CSI bonus for Nissan Stores! Let us make the CSI bonus we deserve!

Please reserve a complementary training spot for Service or General managers.

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