How to Double OEM Surveys Returned

How to Double OEM Surveys

In this section, we’ll cover four areas:

1. Provide Incentives:

2. Create Urgency

3. Make It Convenient:

4. Inform of the Benefits:

5. Personalize Communications:

6. Follow Up

7. Stress the importance of filling the  OEM Survey

8. Communicate Regularly

9. Show Progress of lengthy survey to motivate to complete


How to motivate Service Customers Return OEM Surveys filled timely

  1. Download OEM Survey Disposition Data Files Daily: Dealership OEM Survey Disposition Data Files are digital records of customers who have received surveys or questionnaires from a car dealership or manufacturer.
  2. Using OEM pre-surveys:  OEMs like Nissan, Honda, Acura, etc have introduced pre-surveys, that help to find the customer experiences before the final survey was sent out to customers. It is very important to fill out the OEM pre-surveys and try to solve the customer problems before the final survey is sent out. Usually, the OEMs give 4-5 days of gap between pre-surveys and final surveys emailing out, giving ample time to resolve the issue.   Daily downloading of the pre-survey files from the OEM portal can be 5-10 minutes of a time-consuming task.   DealTimer offers full-service in not only downloading both OEM pre-surveys and final surveys and also following up with the customers and soliciting them to fill the OEM survey.
  3. Correct Email address: Often the DMS system will have one email address and the OEM may have sent surveys in different Email Addresses. Hence, it is very important to inform the customers to look for the right email address.
  4. The date on Which Survey was Sent: It is very important to tell customers to look for the OEM survey in their email box on the specific date the survey was sent.  Otherwise, the customers will not take the time to search for OEM surveys, and often the surveys could be buried in the email clutter.
  5. OEM Survey Subject Line: To make it convenient for customers to find the OEM survey in their Email Inbox, it is helpful to give the “Survey Subject Line” from the OEM,  so that the customer can search for the emails with that subject and find the survey easily.
  6. Timing of calls:  It is very important to call the customer on the same day the OEM sent the survey, especially when it is fresh in the mind of the customer.  Delaying by a few weeks after the OEM  survey was sent, it is very less likely for the customer to remember his/her experience and fill out the survey.
  7. Who should call? It is very important for the Service Advisor to call the customer vs the Customer Care Representative, specifically in asking the customer to file the lengthy OEM surveys because if there is any chemistry, it is in between the service advisor and the customer.  Customer Service Representatives are fine to contact to find out customer experience in general, but not for filling out OEM surveys.
  8. Provide Incentives: Offer rewards or incentives for customers who complete the surveys ahead of the deadline, such as discounts or coupons for future purchases. Having something to gain will make customers motivated to fill out the survey in a timely manner.
  9. Avoid Tampering the Surveys:  It is very important to read OEM Survey Tampering Guidelines and ensure that customer contact information such as email address, or phone number information is not modified in order to avoid unhappy customers from receiving the OEM surveys or filling their own email addresses in place of customers email address and receive the surveys.  The staff involved in survey tampering will be punished very badly, including getting fired from the job.
  10. Create Urgency: Create urgency around the survey by setting a final deadline and sending regular reminders to customers. This will ensure that customers understand the importance of filling out the survey and that their feedback is valuable.
  11. Make It Convenient: Make the survey as easy and convenient to fill out as possible. Consider sending out survey links if available or sending a reminder through email or SMS, making the surveys accessible via a web page or mobile app, or using a tool that pre-fills the survey with information that customers expect to answer.
  12. Inform of the Benefits: Clearly explain to customers the benefits of completing the survey. For example, customers may be rewarded with loyalty points if any, that can be used to purchase future products.
  13. Personalize Communications: Utilize customer data such as name and purchasing habits to personalize survey notifications and increase urgency. Reach out to customers via multiple channels including email, SMS, and social media.
  14. Follow Up Reminders: If a customer has not completed the survey, contact them directly via email or phone to remind them or thank them for their participation. This will make customers feel that their feedback is appreciated and valued.
  15. Stress the Importance: Explain to your customers how important it is to fill out the survey timely and accurate. Emphasize how the results of the survey can help improve their overall service experience.
  16. Communicate Regularly: Follow up regularly with your customers to remind them to fill out the survey. This could be through emails, SMS messages, or even personal visits. Furthermore, make sure the follow-up is friendly and considerate.
  17. Show Progress: Give customers feedback on the progress of their survey. This can help to keep them motivated, as they can see how their input is making a difference.
  18. Utilize Technology: Use technology to make it easy to fill out the survey, such as providing a link to a web-based form. Make sure the survey is mobile friendly, so customers can complete it on their phones or tablets.

What incentives would motivate dealership customers to fill OEM survey?

  1. Monetary incentives such as gift cards, rebate coupons, or discounts.
  2. Special Gift cards: Offering gift cards to customers as an incentive to fill out surveys can not only give customers something to show for their efforts, but also signal an appreciation for their opinion.

  3. Discounts on Service/Repairs: Offering customers discounts on their next service/repair appointment or on other purchases from the dealership can incentive customers to fill out the survey.
  4. Exclusive Offers: Offering exclusive offers that can only be obtained by filling out the survey can provide an incentive for customers to participate.
  5. Membership Benefits: Offering membership benefits such as access to exclusive events, discounts, or promotions can provide additional motivation for them to complete the survey.
  6. Product incentives such as free services or upgrades.
  7. Time incentives such as priority scheduling or faster delivery time.
  8.  Status incentives such as special access or privileges.
  9. Experience incentives such as tickets to an event or local attractions.
  10. Social incentives such as enhanced reputation or public recognition.
  11. Educative incentives such as informational material or guides.
    11. Environmental incentives such as special green initiatives or planting a tree.

Few skills needed while asking customers to fill OEM Surveys

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Clear and concise explanation of the value of the survey
  3. Appropriate incentives or rewards for completing the survey
  4. Respectful and professional customer service
  5. Recognition and appreciation of customers who answer the survey
  6. Regular follow-ups
  7. Various methods to remind customers to complete the survey, such as email reminders and periodic notifications on existing user channels
  8. Encouragement and support to fill out the survey

What are the common mistakes while asking dealership service customers in filling OEM surveys?

  1. Not listening to the customer: Asking dealership service customers to fill out an OEM survey should start with listening to their feedback about the service they received. Not doing so could lead to customers feeling like their opinion isn’t valued and that their feedback won’t be taken into consideration.
  2. Ask leading questions: Asking questions that suggest a particular outcome or opinion can be misleading and can limit the customer’s response. This could lead to incomplete and biased responses.
  3. Not providing an opportunity for additional comments: Failing to provide an open-ended question can limit the customer’s ability to provide more valuable feedback. Allowing customers to have a chance to provide additional comments will capture more in-depth views and perceptions of the dealership’s service.
  4. Not taking the survey results seriously: Taking the survey results seriously and making them actionable insights is crucial to improving customer satisfaction. Not reviewing the survey results and taking any necessary corrective actions could lead to disgruntled customers leaving bad reviews and impacting future business.

How to know if the dealership service customer on the phone is giving honest feedback?

The best way to know if the dealership service customer on the phone is giving honest feedback is to determine whether their comments are consistent with what you habitually hear from other customers who have used the service. If there is a pattern of complaints and negative reviews from other customers, then it is likely that the customer on the phone is also being honest. You could also consider asking specific follow-up questions to get a better understanding of their overall experience, such as why they chose the dealership and how they would rate the service they received. Additionally, it helps to compare their responses to other customer reviews online, or even reach out to those customers directly for a more in-depth perspective.

How to make dealership service customer on the phone to speak out their unhappy experiences?

  1. Ask open-ended questions: Make sure to ask questions that require more than a yes/no answer and allow the customer to provide more detail.
  2. Active listening: Really listen to what the customer is saying and don’t be afraid to ask follow-up questions. Make sure to maintain a calm and respectful demeanor.
  3. Make it comfortable: Make sure the customer feels comfortable and safe when you’re speaking with them by having a relaxed, non-threatening tone.
  4. Acknowledge their feelings: Acknowledge the customer’s feelings and validate their experiences instead of simply trying to move them along.
  5. Ask permission: Always ask permission to give your input or advice as a way to show genuine respect for the customer.
  6. Offer solutions: Offer genuine solutions to the customer’s problem and, if appropriate, apologize for any inconvenience caused.


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