OEM CSI Booster


DealTimer approach to the customer experience is in making the customers feel at ease in expressing their feedback before and after vehicle sales, before and after service appointment scheduling, and or parts purchase!  Dealtimer offers customer feedback capturing or soliciting OEM surveys or even Google Reviews through phone calls, emails, SMS, and Chat communications.

Please check yourself with these 2 revolutionary AI smart dealership interactions to capture customer  feedback reviews from below:

1. Phone CSI Reviews: You can call to test or customers’ calls can be transferred to 678-325-5530 to start to fill in the customer feedback before buying a vehicle or after the repair order is closed.

2. Alternatively, Chat or SMS CSI Reviews: Send an SMS with the word HI to 678-325-5530 to start filling in the feedback review before or after sales or service visits or before OEM Survey is filled. That is how DealTimer gets 500% more feedback reviews helping the dealerships retain most of their customers for life!




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