Per Google Analytics Dealer Website SEO is Dead

More than 97% of the visitors from Google are determined to be sent Dealership Website not based on Dealership Website SEO; rather Google decides to send them to Website by the keyword typed by the visitor and associates the visitor to that Dealership as if it white page listing. Only 3% to 5% of the visitors are pulled by SEO of the Dealership Website.

Is it too surprising? This can be very easily verified if you can analyze your own dealership's monthly Google analytics.

  • More than 50% of visitors typed search keywords looking for dealership name. You would wonder if the car shoppers could ever misspell your dealership in so many variations month after.
  • Remaining 15% of the visitors would have typed search keywords related to city name and make of the dealership where the dealership is physically located. For example a Chevy Dealership is located in Roswell, GA, irrespective of the way visitor typed ?Roswell? or ?Chevrolet? in any combination, Google knows would send the customer to this Chevy Dealership in Roswell. It would not even display the Chevy Dealership in other Metro Atlanta suburbs near Roswell.
  • About 15 of the visitors would be typing Chevrolet or some of the Chevy models with suburb cities adjacent to the Roswell, say, Alpharetta, Cumming, Norcross, Woodstock, Canton, etc. Google maintains a database of associations between these cities and keyword ?Chevrolet?, as if it belongs to the Roswell Chevrolet Dealer
  • More than 15% of the visitors are sent to Roswell Chevrolet dealership, irrespective of the keywords what they typed and which dealership they page they clicked on. These 15% of the visitors are based on past experience only.
  • This leaves less than 3% of the visitors only are pulled by the power of SEO built into Dealership Website by the vendor. Remaining 97% of the visitors are coming to the dealership at the mercy of the Google and its intelligence.
  • This could be surprising to many dealerships. This is the truth. If you can provide your Google Analytics, we can provide the analysis and show that is this is true. Does this mean, SEO is totally dead? It is almost dead and Google has different strategies to help dealerships in the long run.

Per Google Analytics Dealer Website SEO is Dead

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