Quarter End Service CSI Tips


As we approach the month or quarter ending, and the service department CSI scores are at the bottom of the list in the district or in the region, here are a few simple tips to quickly boost the CSI score by 30-50 points.  This is very much possible if we follow the steps below.

Best Setup to Solicit for Surveys

Step 1 for Service Manager: Download the OEM Survey disposition data excel file for Service from the OEM portal, sort the list by the advisor and save the sorted Excel File on a desktop computer behind the service manager desk with a phone on the desk to make calls.

Why set up the CSI follow-up desk right behind the service manager’s desk? Advisors will NOT make calls from their desks, as they get disturbed a lot.

Note: Request Advisors to update the Excel File with the outcome of the follow-up calls!!!     Enforce to rotate advisors every 20 minutes and a max of 20 minutes per day per advisor!!!!

How to make 20 CSI calls in 20 minutes

Tip #1: More than 60% of the calls will go to voice mail. Optionally, it is very easy to record a 30-second crisp message on a cell phone using an Easy-Voice-Recorder App on iPhone or Android and simply play the message immediately after saying —Hi Joe Smith, this is Jack, your service advisor from ABC Nissan—-.

Note: Please ensure not to tell customers to fill out the OEM survey in the Voice Mail message until you find the customer completely happy.

Reward Advisors for Making CSI Follow-up Calls

Tip #2: Reward every advisor who contacted more than 80% of their list with a $50-$100 check at the end of the month, if the CSI was boosted to Tier-3 or Tier1 for individual advisors, not for the department. There are a few more tips we can share. It is better we implement one at a time.
Looking forward to seeing you in Tier-1 in the next quarter, by implementing these tips from the beginning of the quarter!

``Here are a few Service advisors' Experiences while fetching15 more OEM Surveys per advisor during month or quarter ending!``

Anthony Jenkins

BDC Director

Claire Olson

Financial Manager

Vincent Smith

Sales Manager

As the month or quarter end approaches, and the service CSI scores are killed by a few unhappy customers returning the bad surveys, many of our dealers’ service advisors were asked to reach out to the ‘happy customer list’ in the DealTimer CSI Platform’  and the service advisors experienced the responses from customers as below:

Mike Johnson

Customer,Newnan, GA

I love my advisor

I just had to show my email with special coupon and it saved me a lot on the repair service! No games! I love to give 5-star to the advisor.

Martin Smith

Customer,Cumming, GA

Quick Resolution!!

I had an issue with delay in parts arrival notification. I gave them a 3-star review, and the service manager called me within 5 minutes and explained the reason behind the delay in parts arrival. I will fill OEM survey with the highest ratings. Thank them for prompt customer care from management.

Monica Smith

Customer, Roswell, GA

Excellent team!!!

I like the promptness of the Service Drive for my oil change. I was in and out 45 minutes, including Car-Wash. I recommend this dealership to all of my friends!

Ernest Smith

Duluth, GA

Excellent team!!

I was dropped at work and they picked up after work very promptly. Can not ask anything more from them. I love their service. I am very happy to give them the perfect OM survey!

Thomas Smith


Awesome Dealership!

Very happy service advisors ready to assist. Though there is room improve the lounge, I like the coffee bar there. Happy to fill the top-rated OEM survey for my friendly advisor. Awesome place!

Martha Smith

Roswell, GA

Nice job!!

I will not return to this dealership, period. I was upset with delay. The manager tried to convince me, but I will move on.


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Dealer CSI Myths Busted

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  • Simple explanations
  • Turned into Customer Centric
  • Priorities changed
  • Advisor attitudes enhanced

Dealer CSI Measuring Tools

Self-Check Customer Loyalty Tools:

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  • Getting only 10% of OEM surveys returned?  Not true, can be doubled!
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  • No one can make customers happy. Not True!

16 CSI Touch Points

When DealTimer expanded beyond 2 touch points Reviews & Surveys  to 16 Touch-points, the following results are an average at lots of Dealerships.

  • 300-500 Reviews per month
  • 50-75 unhappy customers caught/mo
  • 50-150 Google Reviews/mo
  • 200% more OEM Surveys
  • Retain 30 Unhappy customers/mo

EdVoyles - 33000 Reviews in 6 Years

EdVoyles Acura Success Story – can be replicated to your dealership:

  • 33000 Dealer Reviews in 6 years – #1 in the USA
  • Captured 4500 Negative Reviews, resolved and Retained
  • Google Reviews from 54 in 2016 to 4130 in 2022
  • #1 Acura for Google Reviews in the USA
  • Down from 46% negative Reviews in 2016 to 14% in 2022
  • Retained over $1.8M worth of repair revenue from retained customers after resolving their concerns in 6 year period!

All-New Pre-Appointment CSI Booster Platform

Typically, we focus on capturing customer feedback after a vehicle sale or completing the repair. First-time ever DealTimer introduced CSI Reviews before Sales and Service Appointments and hard facts in the following areas:

  • Why were only 20% of leads turned into appointments?
  • Why settle for 5% closing ratios to leads?
  • Did our Sales Handle leads properly?
  • Are my BDC Reps effective in conversions?
  • Are my dead-leads are really dead?
  • What are customers saying for not buying?
  • Why did customers choose competition?
  • Are our processes meeting customer demands?
  • Anything to learn from poor appointments?
  • Have the right platform to hear customers’ voices?
  • Are my marketing dollars drained with poor CSI?
  • Can I fix my Sales Staff to be proactive?
  • What are the main reasons for poor ratios?

10 Reasons for DealTimer CSI Booster

To 10 reasons to choose DealTimer CSI Booster with Full-service:

  • The only OEM CSI Solution  ever offered
  • Artificial Intelligence-backed CSI Platform
  • 50-90 % Automated platform for CSI
  • CSI for Sales/Service/Parts/Collision
  • CSI follow-up over 10 Communication Modes
  • CSI with 16 subtler touchpoints
  • 15% more Repair Orders w/CSI Boosted
  • 300% OEM CSI Surveys returned
  • 500% more Google Reviews
  • 4000-6000 Dealer Reviews per Year
  • Retains $500K  to $1M in RO Revenues
  • Fetches $400K CSI Bonus + Top CSI AWards

Click on one of the above CSI-related solutions to learn more about CSI Boosting ideas, processes, operations, and services. Or, if you are looking for technology automation and/or a full-service CSI solution, please write to info@dealtimer.com or call or text us at 404-375-7859.


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