Reasons why customers are not giving reviews

When dealership employees see 100s of sales and service customers and still do not few dozens of feedback reviews in Google, can we look into the reasons?

Reasons why customers are not giving reviews

  • Typical dealerships see 2500 to 4000 service customers and about 400 to 600 sales customers month after month. How come most of the car dealerships have not collected, not even 50 to 100 positive reviews on each of Google Plus, Dealer Rater, Yelp, Merchant Circle, City Search, You Tube, Yahoo!Local, the so called BBBs of online marketing influencing Google Search Results, during the last 4 to 5 years? Let us put ourselves in customer shoes, take a minute to find the reasons and fix the problem! If Service Advisors and Sales Staff ask 500 happy customers to give Reviews on dealership or its staff on Google Plus, Yelp, Dealer Rater, Merchant Circle, CitySearch, etc.:
    • If you ask customers orally to remember the review site names like Dealer Rater, Yelp, Google Plus, City Search, etc. and look for those sites online, and give reviews, out of 500, probably 1 or 2 customers may go to those sites and give reviews. After all, giving reviews/testimonials/feedback is “thankless job ”.
    • If you build a website, say “ ”, where the sales and service staff ask customers to remember review site name and give reviews from that site, all 500 customers asked for reviews/feedback/testimonials may listen, but very few say, 10 to 20 may remember the name of the website and probably 2 to 3 may go the site “ ” and give reviews.
    • On the other hand, if you print post cards for dedicated reviews website, and hand out the post card from sales and service floor, all 500 customers may take the post cards, however, at least could 100 of them may trash the post card within few minutes, 50 percent off the 400 remaining, probably 200 may keep the card with them in a file and forget about it for life, and off the remaining 200, even if 50 people attempt to go that site, and off these 50 even if 25 people try to give reviews on one or two review sites, then we can say, we have provided our customers a “true platform ” to give reviews.

    Other Important Ideas:

    • If sales rep or service advisor asks customer more sincerely, and take a minute to explain customers how positive reviews would help the dealership with Google results, more customers will give reviews.
    • If we do not create a platform for customers in the form of building a dedicated reviews website, say, and also print a post card pointing the customers to go that website, it is somewhat similar to asking sub-prime customers without owning a car to walk to the dealership from their home to buy a car! Is it possible walk to the dealership? For anything to happen, there should be a right atmosphere.
    • DealTimer, being an engineering partner for car dealerships, creates the platform for Dealership staff to freely hand out post cards, builds and maintains a dedicated website for reviews, and helps willing customers to brag about dealership or its staff very easily. More positive reviews on Reviews sites posted will drive more Google Search results!
    • Please contact Dealtimer at 404-424-8480 for a quick demo on the Reviews Engine for sales and service customers.

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