Reviving Dead Sales Leads

Revive 20% of Dead
Sales Leads

At least 20% of sales customers over phone, internet, and chat services can be revived with DealTimer Pre-Sales CSI Booster Solution
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Welcome to the world of Dealer Reputation. Typical Reputation vendors want to find if the customers are happy after the vehicle is sold or repaired. There are two more Reputation/CSI areas typical dealers are overlooking:

  1. Before appointment reputation: One out of 5 visited the store buys vehicles and what about the other 4 visitors’ feedback? One of 3 calls into the service drive has appointments in DMS for service! There is a whole lot of reputation that needs to be monitored before sales or service appointment scheduling. If there is no appointment means, obviously customers are not happy to schedule one! Can you imagine how much business is lost in this phase?
  2. OEM Reputation: The entire OEM Surveys monitoring and following up with the customers receiving OEM surveys is the biggest portion and typically the service advisors do not have the time to follow up for OEM surveys! OEM CSI Cash bonuses, poor Service CSI forcing CSI-Awards-based Dealership Valuations cost dealerships millions annually!

DealTimer is the only vendor providing CSI before appointments, Reputation after  Sales/Repair, and finally the OEM Survey follow-up and boosting CSI Scores and fetching CSI bonuses and CSI Awards and benefits!!

Dealer Reputation Manager Current Special:  From $495/mo or DealTimer matches the current monthly fee from vendors!!!!


Please take a look at the following process of recycling sales dead leads from internet leads, phone calls came, voice mails, test drive of vehicles from service lane, and many other  sources.

Want 1000s of Google Reviews for Service, Parts, Collision Departments separately?

Google has become smart enough to display dealership service departments to customers provided they have too many Google Reviews for service department. Typical Google accounts are created for Sales Floor.
Here DealTimer creates a separate Google Business Profile for Service, Parts and Collisions departments and start bringing 1000s of Google Reviews for Service, parts and Collision departments.

DealTimer has special Reputation building software built exclusively for Service, Parts and Collision department.

We ignored  how parts and collision department customers have been feeling for decades! No more! Every customers who walks into the service parts and service department needs to be satisfied, so that he/she will return to the sales floor to buy their next vehicles,  or to get their vehicle repaired instead of taking the parts to some other dealership.


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