Service Appointment Scheduler

never miss a service customer call

Service Appointment Scheduler
with AI & Tele-BDC Technology.

In the age of self-driving car technology, it is time to combine Telephone and Computer Technologies to process all incoming phone calls and schedule service appointment as a back up to the service advisors and optional BDC reps.


Service drive is like an emergency hospital for cars. Most of the service staff are extremely busy and there by asking them to login into 6 different service products from 6 different vendors, it is almost impossible to drive the service operations effectively!  The 6 of Service CRM products or solutions are : 1) OEm CSI Booster, 2)  Service Recall Driver, 3) Service Tele-BDC, 4) Service  Retention Marketing, 5) Service Appointment Scheduler, and 6) Service Digital Cashiers!

The Dealers’ Service CRM suite offers 6 unique product and solution offerings to the service director and advisor staff!

normal call flow

Service Scheduler - Standard Call Flow

Typical service customer calls are handled by phone PBX system or receptionist to route the calls to BDC reps or advisors to complete scheduling service calls.
  • All Service Calls are answered by the PBX system or the receptionist
  • Further calls are routed to BDC Reps or service advisors
  • BDC Reps or Advisors can setup the service appointents

Never miss a customer call on 24x7 basis

Night and Weekend DealTimer Service Appointment Scheduler - All by Itself

DealTimer's Service Appointment Scheduler accepts all evening, night and weekend calls and interacts with the customers and schedules service appointments.
  • DealTimer Service Scheduler handles both incoming phone calls, SMS requests and chat sessions to schedule appointments in the evenings, night and weekends.
  • Never miss a service customer phone call ever in life
  • Saves an enormous operational budget in handling off-peak customer calls.
  • The cost-per-call expense comes down to $1 or less.

never miss a call!

Scheduler with Advisors and No BDC Reps and no X-Time

For smaller dealerships with less than 400 repair orders, they can not afford BDC Reps, wages and benefits. DealTimer provides Tele-BDC platform that accepts and processes all calls and routes customers to advisors, and if no advisor is available, the DealTimer service appointment scheduler can complete scheduling the appointment.
  • 100% service calls answered
  • Service Tele-BDC plays in 16 roles
  • AI-Driven BDC complements human BDC Reps

Appointment Scheduler with X-Time and no BDC Reps

DealTimer service appointment scheduler is smart enough to route the calls to advisors if available and advisors can use x-time to schedule appointment, else it can interact with the customer and complete scheduling the appointment. In case customer has technical question, it can take the question and route it to the advisor for a follow up call and answer to the customer.
  • Result #1: Saves the cost of BDC Reps’ wages, by backing the overflow calls of advisors and scheduling  the appointments with Artificial Intelligence support.
  • Result 2: Service Marketing with AI communications at a minimized campaign budget!
  • Saves service operational budget to small to medium size dealerships with in-house BDC staff members.

never miss call ever...

DealTimer Scheduler backs BDC Reps and Advisors and No Receptionist

DealTimer Tele-BDC routes calls to Advisors, if none available, it tries advisors and no advisor picks up the call, it interacts with the customers and schedules service appointment.
  • 200% more Service Appointments
  • AI Service Appointments if not answered by Human Staff!
  • Cost per Appointment is  down by 70%

Self-scheduling appointments

Scheduling for big dealerships ``with 1500-4000+ Repair Orders``

Dealerships with 1500 to 4000 repair orders need all the technology support needed to ensure that not even one customer call is missed. All calls are handled by human receptionist. If not DealTimer Tele-BDC and DealTimer Scheduler can interact with the customers
  • Self-Scheduling appointment system backs human staff for over flown calls
  • Never miss any of the customer calls on 24×7 basis.
  • 90% of communication-related CSI complaints will disappear!
  • Without DealTimer Tele-BDC and DealTimer AI Scheduler, the dealership’s service department could miss 40% of the calls unattended, hung up, and disconnected.


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