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Car Service CRM suite of products

Most of the dealerships are making huge profits from service floor. By adding DealTimer's Service CRM suite with powerful CRM modules, dealership can

  • A powerful service customer login portal to self-serve service appointment scheduling, setting up to receive reminder emails from service departmentRead More
  • Want to help customers to schedule service appointments? The service scheduler system takes service appointments and uploads the service appointmentsRead More
  • How many customers are missing their pre-scheduled service appointments in a day? By using service reminder system, dealers can reduce the missing appointmentsRead More
  • Whenever the vehicle repair is completed, DealTimer vehicle ready notification system sends an e-mail and/or text message suggesting customer to visitRead More
  • Have you ever thought of sending the repair order invoice to the customers through e-mail an email and customer can click on the invoice and pay forRead More
  • This is very simple solution that can be added to the dealership WEB sites and allow the customers to schedule the service appointments and push suchRead More
  • Have you ever thought of using your own service advisors to casually checking with the customers paying huge service bills about test driving a new orRead More
  • Most of the dealers provide TV in service lounge to entertain service customers. Have you ever thought of providing couple of Kiosk machines for themRead More
    • Have you ever thought of contacting the service customers who stopped coming to the dealerships about 6 months ago, 12 months ago, or even moreRead More
  • Dealers can improve SSI rating by conducting surveys through E-mail System using DealTimer's Interactive Voice System or IVR system. Alternatively,Read More

Increase Dealership Service revenue by 50 with DealTimer Service CRM Suite

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