Service Reminders

List Price :$495/month

How many customers are missing their pre-scheduled service appointments in a day? By using service reminder system, dealers can reduce the missing appointments percentage. The service reminder system not only reminds customer about the upcoming service appointment, buy also, it can take appointment confirmations and flag the service appointment record.

Features of Service Reminders

  1. Never miss a service appointment, because every service customer is reminded about upcoming appointment.
  2. Question: How do we know if Telephone Notifications are working?
  3. Answer: The proof is in Black and White. Detailed reports on # of appointments confirmed, Cancelled, Re-scheduled, and unanswered are very effective in steering the service business.
  4. Question: How do we get to hear the customer concerns expressed during service reminder notifying time?
  5. Answer: These concerns are stored for life! There is technology to knock on respective Service Advisors, play the concern message, so that the service advisor rectifies the problem.
  6. Question: How far can you go to pull the dormant customer database from DMS?
  7. Answer:As far as one needs to go to rake up the business! It is your vision, strategy, and goals set by the dealer. When there is help, let us make use of it.
    A bird in hand is worth two in bush. We have so many customers in service history database. If carefully executed, we can drop overall marketing budget by 50%, while increasing the revenue.

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