Service e-Campaigns

List Price :$395/month

  • Have you ever thought of contacting the service customers who stopped coming to the dealerships about 6 months ago, 12 months ago, or even more than 2 years ago? This is definitely a gold mine, because these customers need simple e-mail communication with few specials to bring them back to the dealership. Even the regular service customers could be ready to purchase their next new or used vehicle and we could be missing the opportunity. If you can create a simple process to send an e-mail campaign on a weekly basis, it will definitely improve the number of service appointments.

Features of Service e-Campaigns

  1. Re-contact dormant service customers with few very low and special prices to bring them to service department.
  2. Possibly check with them, if they are ready to purchase their next vehicle
  3. Find the reason why the service customers stopped getting their vehicle service from the dealership

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