Vehicle Notification

List Price :None/month

Whenever the vehicle repair is completed, DealTimer vehicle ready notification system sends an e-mail and/or text message suggesting customer to visit and pick up their vehicle. This will save about 60 to 90 minutes per day for every service advisor, as they do not have to call the customers to over phone and inform the customers about repair completion.

Features of Vehicle Ready Notification

  1. Vehicle-Ready notification system sends an e-mail, or SMS message to service customer indicating that their vehicle is ready is for pick up
  2. Saves several dozens of phone calls from service advisors to notify customers that their vehicles are ready to pick up.
  3. Selectively contact the service customers who need further clarification on their repair service
  4. Pulls Vehicle Ready Status information frequently from DMS System,
  5. Telephone: Calling and notifying about that their vehicle is ready for pickup:
    1. Calls Customer and notify him/her that the vehicle is ready for pick up
  6. E-mail: E-mailing about Vehicle Notification message to service customers ,
    1. Send an e-mail message indicating that their vehicle is ready for pickup,
    2. Rescheduling: If customer is postponing the appointment, accept new date and time for the appointment,
  7. Optional: Accepting payments from customer for vehicle service:
    1. Notifies service customer about the pending amount in Repair Order,
    2. Accepts payments through credit card from customer over phone ,
    3. Processes the credit card payment
    4. The payment information is updated on Service Advisor Login Interface for releasing the vehicle key.

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