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This is very simple solution that can be added to the dealership WEB sites and allow the customers to schedule the service appointments and push such service appointments into the DMS system.

Features of Appointment Scheduler

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  1. Service Appointment Schedule can happen in three different modes. One from the Website, secondly from the Service Login portal, and final mode is through responding to an e-mail campaigns.
  2. Allow Service Managers to create monthly coupon certificate
  3. Publish the Coupon certificate on the dealership WEB site
  4. Present the Coupon certificate on the WEB site
  5. Capture customer's E-mail address and contact information
  6. Format and e-mail the personalized coupon with expiration to the customer,
  7. Optionally, upload the service appointment into the DMS system,
  8. Send an e-mail to the service about newly scheduled appointment.