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Service Tele-BDC is neither like a 3rd party call center to answer incoming service customer calls and schedule service appointments nor it is a replacement for the telephone PBX system being used by receptionists in routing the calls.

Service Tele-BDC is an Artificial Intelligence technology that converts the old-school dealership to become an ultra-modern dealership that jolts the service department operations to move from 30 miles-per-gallon to 120 miles-per-gallon efficiency.

Identify Potential Customers beyond PMA

There is no shortcut to bringing back all the customers to the service drive and making them become loyal customers for life!
Dealtimer achieves this by identifying all the potential customers compiled from the OEM portal, DMS, and CRM and creating campaigns to receive our customers.

#1 Import
entire DMS Lifetime Customers

Importing entire DMS customers of lifetime gives more vehicle VINs to market service offerings to customers.
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Never miss targeting a customer from OEM sources See more

Faster charging

Up to 33% faster charging than Series 6 footnote

Measure oxygen

Measure your blood oxygen with a sensor and app

Large display

Largest Always-On Retina display yet

Adaptive EQ

Adaptive EQ that tunes music to your ears

Wireless charging

Wirelessly and effortlessly recharge

#2 Import
OEM Portal PMA Customers

Even if the Dealership lost the customer unretained for any number of reasons, those customers are always tracked by OEM on OEM portal. DealTimer brings all OEM customers of all manifests imported and appended to DMS and CRM customer base!.
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Never miss targeting a customer from OEM sources See more

Faster charging

Up to 33% faster charging than Series 6 footnote

Measure oxygen

Measure your blood oxygen with a sensor and app

Large display

Largest Always-On Retina display yet

Adaptive EQ

Adaptive EQ that tunes music to your ears

Wireless charging

Wirelessly and effortlessly recharge

#3 Import
Sales CRM Customers Profiles

Sales CRM accumulates 1000s of customer profiles whose profiles do not make into the DMS system unless the vehicle is sold.
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Never miss targeting a customer from OEM sources See more

Faster charging

Up to 33% faster charging than Series 6 footnote

Measure oxygen

Measure your blood oxygen with a sensor and app

Large display

Largest Always-On Retina display yet

Adaptive EQ

Adaptive EQ that tunes music to your ears

Wireless charging

Wirelessly and effortlessly recharge

#4 Procure 30000+
Potential Customers List in 5-40 mile Radius

DealTimer procures potential customer lists along with VIN numbers, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses from DealTimer data partners.
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Innovation of targetting beyond imagination See more

Faster charging

Up to 33% faster charging than Series 6 footnote

Measure oxygen

Measure your blood oxygen with a sensor and app

Large display

Largest Always-On Retina display yet

Adaptive EQ

Adaptive EQ that tunes music to your ears

Wireless charging

Wirelessly and effortlessly recharge

Trade-in Vehicle Importing

Import all Trade-in vehicle lists from CRM and DMS Systems

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Social Customer Profile Importing

Social Profiles of customers interacting with the dealerships can be imported.

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Service Scheduler Customers

Often Service Scheduler systems have additional customers profiles.

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Parts Customer profiles

Optionally, parts customer profiles can be imported to boost the potential customer profile data.

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DealTimer potential Customers list for Retention Marketing Campaigns

Total Customers with DMS+OEM imported+Purchased Customers
With DMS+OEM Imported Customers
With DMS Customers alone - potential customers
  • 1

    Missing Customers of Dealership primary Zip Code

    Just like customers from the zip codes of competing dealerships come to your dealership for repairs, there can be several 100s of customers of your brand in your own primary zip codes going to nearby competing dealerships for repairs and OEM would never share such customers list until they are falling of from the retention of other dealership.

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  • 2

    Missing Customers in the zip codes in the middle

    Missing Customers in the zip codes in the middle of your dealership and all competing dealerships. These customers can schedule appointment to your dealership or competing dealership depending on the traffic, convenience of driving, ease of scheduling appointment, or any service specials could bring them to either of the stores. DealTimer has special ways to acquire these customer lists and reach out to these customers in the middle.

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  • 3

    Your customers in the backyard of competition

    These customers need to be handled very delicately, because it is very easy for them to switch the loyalty to the competing dealership even with the slightest customer satisfaction issues or communication gaps, etc. DealTimer has special ways to keep these customers engaged and also address their CSI concerns if any!

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  • 4

    First Maintenance Appointment of Vehicles Purchased

    Every OEM is tracking on % of vehicle buyers turning into be their service drive customers upon scheduling first maintenance appointment. DealTimer customizes campaigns depending on whether it is new vehicle, pre-owned of your brand or competing brands, different campaigns and specials to be offered for each of the vehicle buyers in order to maximize the retention percentage of those vehicle buyers.

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  • 5

    Over Due or unreturned Customers for 6/12/24 months

    DealTimer offers special provisions to bring back customers who have not returned to the dealership in the last 6, 12,24 months. Based on the vehicle mileage, customer proximity, customers recent survey responses, vehicle warranty status, etc, the campaigns should be customized for maximizing the appointment scheduling counts! The traditional cookie-cutting style of marketing does not yield better results!

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  • 6

    In-Warranty Customer Solicitations

    Standard campaigns with coupons do not entice in-warranty customers. It is very important to gauge forecasted repair or maintenance services due as per the manufacturer recommended schedule and generate custom campaigns to keep the in-warranty customers engaged and loyal to the dealerships. Incentives should vary by proximity, loyalty score, CSI Scores, Google Reviews, etc.

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  • 7

    Soon to be Expiring Warranty Customers

    DealTimer has special campaigns custom created for customers with their warranty expiring soon, as there are several special checks to be performed on those vehicles, in order to ensure that the customer can get all the repairs performed before warranty expires for FREE! Offering them reminder system is very important step in acquiring the new customers by purchasing customers outside the PMA region!!!!

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  • 8

    Outside Warranty Customer Acquisition & Campaigns

    While trying to retain your customers just fallen of manufacturer warranty, acquiring customer lists of competing dealers falling of warranty by offering appropriate coupons and specials is trick to boost he repair order count, and hence improved staff bonus!

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  • 9

    Aged Vehicle Customer Retention and Acquisition

    Aged vehicle customers tend to take repair works to non-franchise local repair shops or mobile mechanics in order to save money on repairs. It is very important to review customer spending patterns, loyalty factors, and adjust the coupon amounts to retain the customers from leaving the dealership. Parallelly, it is easy to acquire new customers with aged vehicles with special coupons offered and switch the loyalty to your store, by acquiring customers by proximity, by brand, luxury or non-luxury brand of vehicles, etc.

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  • 10

    Express Oil Change Campaigns

    In DealTimer OEM CSI Booster solution with millions of reviews reveal that more than 40% of OEM surveys with bad score were due to excess time taken by Express Oil Change service or excess time taken even with appointment for oil changes. DealTimer customizes the campaigns by knowing customer history, loyalty factors, acquired customer special incentive based campaigns, etc.

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  • 11

    Retention Campaigns for Unhappy Customers on Google, Dealer Reviews, OEM Surveys

    DealTimer is the only vendor offering these special campaigns tailored to retain unhappy customers for life by addressing each of the customers with the special technological tools provided to the dealership management and staff members in addition to the DealTimer's AI based tools providing some form of automation to minimize the time spent by the dealership in making the unhappy customers happy again!! There is no cookie-cutting or short cut solution for this retention initiative. Please consult DealTimer for more information!

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  • 12

    Newly OEM Assigned Customers' Campaigns

    It is very often very labor incentive task to download all the customers whom your dealership lost or customers of competing dealerships got recently newly assigned to your dealership due to ``unretained status``. Often unretained customers are assigned to more than 2 dealerships based on several factors, and it is very important to acquire these customers and offer special incentives to these customers.

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  • 13

    BigTicket Repair Order Customer Retention

    It is highly important to keep tab on the customer spendings and affordability, especially if the last few repair orders happened to have incurred big ticket line items. Such customers need a special attention, as often they tend to sell the vehicle and may be looking to purchase next vehicle of the same or competing brand.
    All OEMs go extra mile retain such customers to keep the brand loyalty by incentivizing special discounts or even offering re-imbursement for a portion of the big ticket item towards next vehicle purchase, etc. Service Staff being extra busy with operations may not find time, and DealTimer has special provisions to cut down the time spent by management in addressing these customers with the customization matching to the vision of the fixed ops director, especially if it iis from big groups with multiple brands involved.

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  • 14

    High Mileage Vehicle Customer Lists and Campaigns

    If the Service Manager wants to boost Repair Order count and fill the empty bays, acquiring high mileage customer base within 25 mile radius could be one of the recommended choices, as it not only boosts the repair order count but also opens the door to sell a new or preowned vehicle to the customer with a lead to sales floor.

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  • 15

    Lifetime Customer Service Spendings based campaigns

    It is very important to accumulate customer spending's both on individual vehicles, and also on all vehicles of current and past to arrive at the customer life-time-value and often issue special coupons for upcoming repairs or vehicle purchases. Mere recognizing such customers boosts the customer retention, and if any financial incentive provided to such customers makes even more loyal to the dealership, even if they are several miles away from the dealerships.

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  • 16

    Campaigns with Incentives to referrals of family members, friends, colleagues

    It is very important to offer special incentives on routine maintenance services to the customers for introducing the dealership service department to their own family members in the area, friends in the sub-division or community, or social platforms, and colleagues in the offices. The most loyal customers may not care for incentives, as they feel proud of introducing the dealership or the service advisor in their circles, if we make the process of referral process with Technology touch.

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  • 17

    Quarterly CSI Incentives from OEMs - Campaigns

    All OEMs have extremely powerful Business Intelligence Systems to generate special quarterly coupons for Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall and often the OEMs expose the list of customers to whom the coupons were emailed or posted cards! DealTimer download these OEM customer lists and reach out to those customers to avail those special coupons before the coupons expire.

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  • 18

    OEM Rewards Points Based Coupons - Campaigns

    Apart from the Dealership maintaining the customer loyalty details, all OEMs maintain customer reward points accumulated for both sales and service. Many customers are not aware of the reward points. and how to cash the reward points and apply the reward points for dealership maintenance and repair.

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  • 19

    Opted Out Line Items - Rescheduling Campaigns

    It is very common for customers to optout a few line items due to parts delay, afffordability, or the length of the time it could take for that line item. Depending on the reason for opting out for line item repair, separate campaigns need to customized in order to increase the chance of increasing appointment scheduling. In case the line items involves customer safety, it should be specified in the campaign notification pertaining to that vehicle.

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  • 20

    Campaigns for Customers about to be falling of Retention in next 3 months

    DealTimer tracks customers about to fall off from the OEM Retained Customer status in the coming 90 days, and these customers needs to be offered with special coupons to schedule an appointment, so that the customer would not fall off retention list. In case the customer falls of the retention list, it is very likely the customer could be shared with another near by competing dealership to solicit to bring in that customer. It should be our goal to ensure that we would not retained customer fall off retained and go to competing dealership.

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  • 21

    Campaigns for Retained Customers

    It is very important to keep on reaching out to all the customers in the retained list, which means they have come twice in the last 12 months. It is a always a good practice to reach out to the customer as a reminder to schedule an appointment. Optionally one could append any of the OEM or Dealership offered coupons to the loyal customers.

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  • 22

    Aged Vehicle Customer list Campaigns

    DealTimer keeps track of all aged vehicles from multiple sources and enable to receive a special coupons for high-mileage service.

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  • 23

    Missed appointment Customers - Re-scheduling Campaigns

    Optionally, the system supports missed appointments campaigns, so that all those customers who failed to come to the dealership on time for appointment along with the link to start scheduling an appointment or phone number to call in.

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  • 24

    Purchased conquest customers list campaigns

    DealTimer can procure 10000 to 30000 potential customers lists with in 5-50 mile radius along with vehicle VIN numbers, make, model info, customer address, email or phone number information. DealTimer can process and create campaigns for acquired potential customers.

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21+ AI Communication Technologies

In the age of Automobile Engineers building Self-Driving Cars, it is time to jolt the service department operations with self-driving BDC  powered by Artificial Intelligence or AI Technology. DealTimer introduced AI Technology that offers 21 plus Communication Modes as listed below.

The above AI Communications technologies become the bed-rock foundational support for ultra-modern Service Tele-BDC Technology that produces the following results:
1. The service retention campaign when powered by 21+ communications, the chance of reaching out to the customer is much more likely.

2. Improved chance of reaching the customer
3. The campaign lists are made for the dealership and can be accessed by the dealership staff, and can make calls, send SMS, or even send emails to the customer.
4. Service retention marketing budget will be down by 70%

Service Retention Marketing Campaigns

90% of Service BDC Managers’ time is lost in monitoring the service BDC Reps, and see that they are doing their job, and also log into DMS, CRM, Appointment Scheduler system systems, etc. and generate BDC staff’s performance reports.

Service Retention Marketing Reports / Results

Extremely powerful  BDC retention campaign reports are produced.

Interactive AI Tele-Platform

AI TelePlatform connects customers, dealership staff and Virtual AI Agents, so that 100% of customers are connected to either human staff members or AI Virtual Staff


Click-2-call is the best to ensure that customers and staff are connected through Click-2-Call technology or C-T-C.  The C-T-C technology can be embedded into any of the DealTimer products as a plug-and-play add-on.


SMS-Campaigns technology can be added to any of the Sales or Service BDC campaigns as a plug-and-play.

SMS Texting

SMS-Texting can be added to any of the DealTimer products, enabling all dealership staff to send SMS to customers.

Sending Emails

“Send-Email”   feature enables to send email and it is added to the customer field in any of the DealTimer products. All Email communications are automatically added to the customer communication history.


Email-Campaigns technology can be added to any of the Sales or Service BDC campaigns as a plug-and-play. This helps trigger the email campaigns or schedule to send email to all customers in the list as a later time.

Ringless Voice Mails

“Ringless Voice Mails” or RVM  enables staff to call customers and leave a voice mail message on the customer’s voice mailbox without ringing the call on the customer’s phone.

Interactive Voice

“Interactive-Voice”   is an AI Computer voice acting as human being and it can make an outbound call or even receive a call from customer and engage in customer communications for the intended-purpose.

Simple Surveys

“Simple-Surveys” are ways to capture customer responses for a series of questions of true/false, multiple choice, or accept text and the survey questions are fixed in a given survey.

Dynamic Surveys

Unlike “Simple-Surveys”, “Dynamic Surveys” can end the survey or extend the survey based on the customer response. Even if a customer stops the survey in the middle, the survey responses are captured to that point of stopping.

Phone Campaigns

“Phone-Campaigns”   help sales reps, BDC reps, or Advisors to call all customers in the list with auto-dialing and or even to take over the call in case the call went onto the voice mail and empower the staff to move on to the next customer. This way, one employee can make 100-plus calls per hour.

AI Phone Campaigns

“AI-Phone-Campaigns”  are AI Virtual Reps as sales reps, BDC reps, or Advisors to call all customers in the list and interact with the customers using AI.  Later the staff can listen to the AI-Phone-Campaign entries and review the calls.

Interactive Web Chat

The Web-Chats when powered by AI can engage customers browsing online by appropriately answering to the customers and even directing the customers to appropriate Web pages or even capturing their feedback.

Web Forms

“Web forms” are ways to enable customers to enter fill-in blanks of fields while reading a paragraph or pages of information online.Web-Forms can be plugged into any of the line content and the responses can be captured and stored for further processing.


The FAX technology is no longer old-school faxing any more and all incoming and outgoing faxes are in digital format and content can be stored for further processing.

Phone Conferencing

Phone-Conferencing is the way to bring 2 to 20 dealership and even customers onto a conference call mode and record the entire conference and store it for further reviewing or processing.

DealTimer Messenger

DealTimer Messenger is like a “WhatsApp” way of bringing 2 or more dealerships or even customers into Messenger format to chat in “public” and “private” modes blocking confidential information from customer viewing.

Facebook Messenger

The “Facebook” Messenger enables Dealership staff to send and receive messages over “Facebook Messenger” and all such communications are stored for further. Customer programming in this area can generate leads from Facebook for sales or service departments.

WhatsApp Messenger

The “Whatsapp” Messenger enables Dealership staff to send and receive messages over “Whatsapp Messenger” and all such communications are stored for further. Customer programming in this area can generate leads from Whatsapp for sales or service departments.

Call Reviewing

“Call Reviewing” enables staff listening to customer calls to rate the calls on clarity, call quality, rate staff interaction, call rating on mild-warm-hot, lead generation, etc.  This saves 1000s of dollars to dealerships from paying to 3rd party call reviewing companies.

Leads from AI Communications

All Customer’s AI Communications are recorded. The system is smart enough to generate leads from AI Customer communications automatically or allows staff to create leads for sales, service, and parts while listening to the recorded AI Communications.

AI CSI Tickets

The “AI-Communications” of phone, SMS, Interactive Voice, Chat and Web Forms of communications can generate a “CSI Ticket”  with “Hot” or “Warm” rating, in case the conversation has made the customer upset or frustrated. CSI Tickets are routed to respective staff and managers to resolve the issue.

Call Transcriptions

“Call Transrciptings” enables all recorded calls to convert from speech to text and even process the text for any customer leads or CSI-Tickets. The call transcriptions were stored, and even forwarded to the staff to act upon the transcribed text.

Phone Surveys

“Phone Survey” is like “Email Survey”, except that the AI Computer PAL calls customer and upon the customer accepting the call will prompt the question and accept responses for all survey questions. All “Phone Surveys” are stored for further processing.

SMS Surveys

“SMS Survey” is like an “Email Survey”, except that the AI Computer PAL sends an SMS to one customer or all customers in the list, and upon the customer responds to the SMS, it moves on to the next question in the survey. All “Phone Surveys” are stored for further processing.

Voice Recordings

“Voice Recording” Technology enables staff to call in and read the text in pre-written “voice templates” and record and save it or erase or re-record it on a needed basis.  The voice recordings are used by the “AI Pals” in call campaigns to act like the staff.  This alone saves 100s of hours of wages.

AI Templates

Email-SMS-Voice Templates are the written-up templates for a given process. These templates are used in all Email campaigns, SMS Campaigns, and phone call campaigns.

AI Machine Learning

The DealTimer AI-Engine has “Machine Learning” embedded in order to continuously improve customer communications.

AI Report Generation

AI Report Generator is a special feature that generates reports for customer or staff and sends email to the respective person on demand.

Service Marketing Reports & Results

Service Marketing Analytics

The proof of Service Marketing operations is presented in the form of Service Marketing Analytics

Phone calls received from customers

DealTimer tracks all customer calls received in response to service retention marketing campaigns. The calls can be heard and take further action.

Service Appointment made from campaigns

Service Appointments made from the service marketing campaigns are recorded and tracked in order to the compute the percentage of results against specific retention marketing campaigns.

Marketing Emails sent out

The proof of service marketing campaigns sending 100s of marketing emails is preserved along with the detailed reports indicating number of emails delivered, number of emails open and number of emails were clicked and responded.

SMS Communications Tracked

The service marketing campaigns are tracked with the number of SMS messages sent to customers.

Service Repair Orders Completed

The service marketing campaigns generated appointments and completed repair orders are tracked for the effectiveness of the marketing initiatives. These reports will help to tune the marketing initiatives.

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The dealerships can receive customer service retention marketing solutions based the factors of whether the dealership is located in urban or rural, luxury brand or otherwise, small or larger dealership, it is an individual store or part of a large group if the dealership has in-house BDC or not, etc.


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