Service Tele-BDC

Service Tele-BDC is neither like a 3rd party call center to answer incoming service customer calls and schedule service appointments, nor it is a replacement for the telephone PBX system being used by receptionists in routing the calls.

Service Tele-BDC is an Artificial Intelligence technology that converts the old-school dealership to become an ultra-modern dealership that jolts the service department operations to move from 30 miles-per-gallon to 120 miles-per-gallon efficiency.

21+ AI Communication Technologies

In the age of Automobile Engineers building Self-Driving Cars, it is time to jolt the service department operations with self-driving BDC  powered by Artificial Intelligence or AI Technology. DealTimer introduced AI Technology that offers 21 plus Communication Modes as listed below.

The above AI Communications technologies become the bed-rock foundational support for ultra-modern Service Tele-BDC Technology that produces following results:
1. Service Staff Productivity is up by 300%
2. Extremely smooth Service Department operations
3. Service Department Gas-Mileage from 30 MPG to 120 MPG.
4. Service Department Monthly Budget is down by 70%

Service BDC Manager's Challenges

90% of Service BDC Managers’ time is lost in monitoring the service BDC Reps, and see that they are doing their job, and also log into DMS, CRM, Appointment Scheduler system systems, etc. and generate BDC staff’s performance reports.

BDC Manager's problems solved....

The Tele-BDC assists BDC Manager in all rudimentary BDC operations and empowers the BDC Manager to focus on creative business development tasks in generate new revenue streams.

The Tele-BDC Platform wears the following 16 different BDC operational roles and helps the BDC department immensely.

Service Call Router

#16. As the HEART of Telephone PBX System with BDC Built In

The Tele-BDC System takes over all the incoming calls from PBX system to Service Department and controls and virtually routes all the calls and controls flow of all service calls.
  • AI Creates Virtual BDC Agent for each of the incoming calls
  • Monitors each until the call is closed by either party.
  • 100% of the calls are accounted for successfully answered or not.
  • Tele-BDC is not a replacement for PBX but takes over the operations side of the busy service department so that no customer will go unattended, even if 100 calls are poured into the service drive simultaneously.

..all calls answered...

#15. Answers all incoming phone calls

The Tele-BFC Rep forks a virtual BDC Rep on the fly for each of the incoming calls and answers customers and prompts customer to take next action.
  • Routes customer calls depending on the customer selection.
  • The receptionist has two hands, two eyes, and two ears to juggle between at the max 5-6 simultaneous calls, whereas the Tele-BDC can create a Virtual Receptionist for each of the 100 calls simultaneously called in. Not even one call will be missed!!!!!   This is not possible for a human service receptionist.


never miss a call!

#14. Engages all customers in Call Queues

Have you ever called a big company and you were told that you are 3rd caller in call wiating to speak to human staff member? This service-tele-BDC offers that style of engaging customers. Without a system like that, out of 100 calls to service floor, only 40% are answered, 30% may into voice mail and 30% dropped, hung up, or called back repeatedly until human picks up! DealTimer Tele-BDC guarantees every customer call is heard and made accountable!
  • Tele-BDC updates every caller every 20 seconds with a number of customers calls ahead of the customer before the staff member can accept the call.
  • Tele-BDC checks if any of the BDC reps are off the phone and still not taking the call from the call queue and flags that BDC Rep with a penalty point.
  • AI-Driven BDC complements human BDC Reps in engaging customers in the call queues.
  • Tele-BDC gives an option for customers in the call queue to receive a call back in the same order at a specified phone number.  This is a very helpful feature.
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...engages BDC reps with calls..

#13. Distributes all calls equally to all BDC Reps

Upon BDC Rep comes up available from previous call, the call gets assigned to that BDC Rep and transfers the call to the BDC rep. No BDC Rep can fool the system by saying that they are busy, as the system tracks the status of BDC rep upon previous call termination.
  • Result #1: Tele-BDC creates competition among BDC Reps or Advisors to grab more calls from the call queue, as the pay plan rewards more calls taken!
  • Result 2: Monitors after how many rings the calls were answered, who jumped on the call first to take it, etc.  Pay plan rewards BDC  reps for quicker response times!
  • Tele-BDC allows BDC Reps to make outbound calls and then accept customers from the queue. Without call queues, most of the advisors or BDC reps have to juggle between outgoing call and incoming calls and doing no justice to either!


What we do

#12. Pre-Screens Customer Profiles & Greets Customers by Name

Typical BDC Reps asks customers for their name, where as here the BDC Rep's screen is displayed with the customer profile, list of customer vehicles, address, historic repair orders, etc, and it enables the BDC rep to greet the customer by name as if the customer is recognized by the BDC Rep.
  • Customer name recognition
  • If the Customer is not in the system, it enables the BDC Rep to create a customer profile on the fly.
  • Enables BDC to read out the customer vehicles and prompts customer to specify which vehicle the customer is calling about!
next... way to engage customer...

#11. Entire Call is Handled gracefully with Routing and Transferring

The System allows call transfers to another employee, call conferencing, call bridging, call coaching, call recording, and many more advanced features.
  • Helps BDC Rep or Advisor to handle call
  • Even Advisors can act as BDC Reps
  • On Screen help for staff for next course of action
Smooth flow of call!!!! way to engage customer...

#10. Recording live calls save hundreds of hours for service staff.

Recording all live calls helps managers to listen onto all the unhappy customer conversation and coach the employees in real time!
  • No need to enter pages of customer conversation details as notes! This alone saves at least 4-5 minutes per call with the system recording the entire conversation and the ability to listen to the call.
  • Optional AI Transcription service on recorded call can TEXT generates notes
  • Tele-BDC can scan through the conversation and check if the advisor or BDC rep asked the customer to schedule an appointment and also rates the customer’s frustration voices!
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interact with customers in 12+ communication modes!

#9 Acts as Messenger, Chatbot in real time!

. The Tele-BDC supports messenger, SMS and Chat communication modes, the system or the service staff can avail this feature to engage customers in the real time.
  • TEle-BDC can ask the customer if it is ok to receive an SMS with a link to chat back!
  • Tele-BDC can guide the customer in filling the form sent over SMS or Chat window, and it saves an enormous time for the customer to achieve what he/she wants!
  • Enables BDC to read out the customer vehicles and prompts customer to specify which vehicle the customer is calling about!
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..40 hours save by pre-filling the form...

#8. Time Saved by pre-filling appointment form

As Tele-BDC with AI support can capture customer information, vehicle information, vehicle repair info with pre-filled support.
  • At present, the service staff has to enter the customer’s phone numbers to look up for customer profile before saying “hello” to the customer. With the Tele-BDC, it looks up for matching customer profiles with the phone number in the caller ID and displays all the matching profiles. This enables BDC Rep to gree customers with a name.
  • The Tele-BDC displays the list of vehicle the customer is driving and the BDC rep can select one of the vehicles for scheduling an appointment.
  • On Screen help for staff for next course of action
Happy to save time?

..pushing appointment can not be easier than this!!!!

#7. Pushes appointments to XTime, DealerFX, and DMS platforms

The Tele-BDC platform can act if appointment scheduler to schedule an appointment for service department and push it to DMS through in compliance with Xtime, DealerFX and DealerLogic appointment schedulers.
  • With one-click, the Tele-BDC can push customer information into XTime or DealerFX appointment scheduling systems.
  • If the Customer is not in the system, it enables the BDC Rep to create a customer profile on the fly.
  • Enables BDC to read out the customer vehicles and prompts customer to specify which vehicle the customer is calling about!
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#6. As BDC Manager's right hand tool!

The Tele-BDC system acts like a right hand for the BDC manager by carefully monitoring the BDC call taking and call making operations very efficiently
  • Compiles all working hours of BDC staff
  • The virtual AI Appointment Scheduler can even backup the Service Advisors, takes all the overflown calls, etc.
  • Dealtimer Tele-BDC is the only platform that moves Service Department to becoming self-governing BDC Technology, like self-driving cars.
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...never miss a customer call....

#5. Unattended incoming calls and Missed Opportunities Pushed to Outbound call Queues

DealTimer puts missed calls, hung up calls, voice mail left calls, disconnected calls, etc onto the outbound call queues enabling the BDC staff or Advisors to make calls on all the missed opportunity calls. This way, the dealership can achieve on 100% of call attendance and call accountability.
  • Hung up Calls: All hung-up calls can be called back with one click of a button on the screen. All hung-up calls, not called back are still left in the call queue on the top.
  • Voicemail calls: Typically all the voice mail is left on the manager’s phone and blinking on and the busy manager may not take time to write down the numbers on the paper and hand it out to advisors to call back. Often these pieces of paper could be lost and hence, the dealership could be losing 10-12 customers untracked daily.
    Whereas with the Tele-BDC all the voice mail left calls can be played on the screen and with a one-click all of those calls can be called back.
  • Disconnected Calls: All calls that got disconnected calls while talking to staff would be left on the screen for further callback.
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#4. As Retention Rate Boosting Pal

With DealTimer CSI Booster capturing 500% more negative reviews compared to anr vendor, the Tele-BDC platform displays customer CSI scores, OEM Surveys, and Google Reviews, so that the BDC can offer specially authorized coupons and bring up unhappy customers to become retained customers.
  • Special Coupons: All unhappy customers can be offered a special coupon to ensure that customer does not leave the dealership in haste!
  • Having OEM Survey scores, Google Review ratings, and DealTimer CSI Scores handy, empowers service staff quickly check with the managers before scheduling an appointment.
  • Customer Loyalty score and lifetime revenue on the screen enables the BDC reps to offer loyalty coupons to the customers.
Want to retain unhappy customers with ease?

...performance gauge...

#3. BDC Staff Performance Tracker - perfect solution for BDC or Service Managers

More than 50% of BDC manager's time is gone in monitoring the service advisors or BDC staff and ensure that they are working efficiently and resolving their issues. The Tele-BDC platform monitors all BDC staff and Service Advisor's call volumes, call taking abilities, etc, it saves enormous time for BDC manager to focus on ideas of new revenue streams.
  • Tele-BDC provides excellent staff performance reports with the number of calls taken or made out in a month, quarter, or even year.
  • Pay plan computation is made easy with the number of appointments made, appointment rations, lead generation incentives, etc.
  • With Advisors acting as BDC Reps during lean service drive periods to make outbound calls, the Tele-BDC can compile advisor performance and qualify one to receive a performance bonus.
Pay Plan Builder?

#2. Save $5-$10K per month on Service Vendor products per month.

As the DealTimer is the only vendor offering 6 different service department products, 1) Service OEM CSI Booster, 2) Service Recall Drivers, 3) Service Tele-BDC AI Platform, 4) Service retention marketing, 5) Service Appointment Scheduler and 6) Digital Cashiers and accepting payments on Repair Orders, the dealerships not only get 100s of hours of time saved in avoiding the data entry of information from one system into another system.
  • DealTimer can eliminate duplicate service vendor fees with multi-product discounts.
  • Typical vendors charge $1000+ for each of 6 service products, costing over 10 to 15K for service drive, whereas Dealtimer can the   budget by 70%,
  • DealTimer can provide FREE audit for Service Vendors’ features being offered, and the amount of monthly fee, duplicate features, etc.
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Enterprise of BDC operations

#1. Perfect Corporate BDC Platform to Support dozens of Stores' service Departments BDC Operations

DealTimer Tele-BDC allows to centralize the BDC operations at Corporate locations for dozens of stores with corporate BDC staff to take or make calls for any of the group store's service departments. This way the corporate BDC can handle more work load and optimally utilizing the BDC staff shared across the stores.
  • Shared Corporate BDC Staff Across multiple stores
  • 300% more calls can be taken by each of the BDC staff Reps, as they can take calls for any of the stores.
  • Saves BDC operational budget by 60% with the staff being used optimally and with the support of AI Communication Technologies of DealTimer, the staff will never get tired.
  • BDC Supports virtual BDC reps, and even reps living in other countries and working for 1/5th of the USA wages to become part of Corporate BDC staff in the USA.
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