What do OEMs learn from dealership’s poor service CSI scores

OEMs are Keenly looking below:

In this section, we’ll cover 10 areas:

1. Common types of customer feedback and complaints.
2. Strengths and weaknesses of dealership service departments.
3. Areas for improvement in customer satisfaction.
4. Trends in customer opinions about dealership service quality.
5. Points of view from customers on dealership services.
6. Potential touch points that can be leveraged to improve customer experience.
7. Specific needs of customers that can be addressed through customized services.
8. Desired levels of customer service desired by different customer segments.
9. Most popular services and products offered by dealership service centers.
10. Most preferred pricing and promotional strategies.

List all common customer complaints in dealership service departments

1. Long Wait Times
2. Poor Quality of Service
3. Lack of Transparency
4. Uncompetitive Prices
5. Unfriendly personnel
6. Poor Communication
7. Lack of Convenience
8. Incorrect Part Replacements
9. Unprofessionalism
10. Overcharging

Strengths and weaknesses of dealership service department


  • Expert technical training and knowledge in specific service areas.
  • Significant dealership resources, including experienced and dedicated staff and investment in the latest tools and diagnostic equipment.
  • Wide selection of manufacturer-recommended parts and accessories.
  • Incentives and discounts on parts and labor.
  • Close proximity to customers like pick up and delivery and shuttle service.
  • Versatile service offerings like pick-up and delivery and shuttle service.


  • Limited hours of operation – many service departments are only open Monday to Friday.
  • Limited after-hours availability for urgent repairs.
  • High labor costs due to the high wages of experienced technicians and mechanics.
  • Lack of access to a wide network of specialized parts and supplies.
  • Complex service billing and diagnostic procedures.
  • Difficult access to courtesy vehicles, if required, during repairs.

List all Areas for improvement in customer satisfaction for dealerships service deparments

After analyzing 1000s of DealTimer’s customer Surveys and Reviews, the following CSI areas are listed for improvements:

1. Improved Communication
2. More Responsive Staff
3. Easier Access to Service Records
4. Shorter Wait Times
5. Website/Mobile App Availability and Updating
6. Information About Why Services Were Recommended
7. Prompt Return of Vehicle and Phone Calls
8. Clear Explanations of Costs
9. Courtesy Vehicle Options
10. Better Quality Parts and Service Standard
11. Service and Specials Promotions
12. Affordable Prices for Common Maintenance Services
13. Comfortable/Clean Waiting Area
14. Reservation and Appointment Systems
15. Fair Treatment from All Staff Members
16. Personalized Recognition and Follow-Up
17. Adequate Staff Availability (Time and Knowledge)

List all Trends in customer opinions about dealership service quality.

1. Quality of service technician work
2. Speed of service
3. Friendliness and helpfulness of staff
4. Ease of scheduling appointments
5. Availability of loaner vehicles
6. Cost of services
7. Options for scheduling drop-off or pickup
8. Quality of work completed
9. Comfort of waiting area
10. Ability to provide rental cars
11. Ability to provide parts
12. Knowledgeability of staff members
13. Consistency of services provided
14. Professionalism of staff
15. Ability to complete repairs in a timely manner
16. Follow-up after service
17. Courtesy and attentiveness when dealing with customers
18. Quality of communication
19. Cleanliness and organization of the facility
20. Availability of preventive maintenance

List all Positive Points of view from customers on dealership service departments

  • Customer service was excellent – the staff were friendly and knowledgeable.
  • The waiting room was very comfortable with complimentary refreshments.
  • The service was prompt and efficient, with no long wait times.
  • The cost of the services was reasonable and competitive with other dealerships.
  • The repairs were done quickly and correctly the first time.
  • The mechanics and technicians were professional and courteous.
  • The staff kept me informed about the status of the repairs throughout the process.
  • All my questions were answered in a timely manner
  • Drop-off and pick-up times were convenient to my schedule
  • The parts used were of high quality and performed as promised.

List all Potential touch points that can be leveraged to improve customer experience

  • Specific needs of dealership service customers that can be addressed through customized services
  • Extended hours/special appointments: Customers may need service outside of regular operating hours, and if the dealership could offer extended hours or special appointments, this could go a long way in meeting the needs of customers with tight schedules.
  • Specific needs of dealership service customers that can be addressed through customized services
  • Loaner cars: Customers may occasionally need to use a car while their own is being serviced. Offering loaner cars could meet this need.
  • Pick-up and delivery: Customers may need their car serviced, but might not have time to come down to the dealership. Offering pick-up and delivery services could solve this problem.
  • Online scheduling: Allowing customers to easily schedule service appointments online can help meet the needs of busy customers and make it easier to get timely appointments.
  •  Text and email reminders: Keeping customers informed with appointment reminders via text and email can help ensure they don’t miss important service appointments.
  • Onsite amenities: To make their service visits more pleasant, dealerships can offer onsite amenities such as free Wi-Fi, comfy seating, and complimentary food and drinks.
  • Loyalty programs: Encouraging customer loyalty can be done with customized loyalty programs that offer rewards for repeat visits.

Desired levels of customer service desired by different dealership customer segments

The desired level of customer service for different dealership customer segments will vary based on their individual needs and expectations. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to customer service, but some general trends can be noted.

Generally speaking, dealership customer segments who are seeking luxury vehicles or services would likely desire a higher level of customer service. These shoppers would likely expect personalized attention, immediate response times when they have a question or concern, knowledgeable sales staff, and a streamlined buying process.

Conversely, customers who are in the market for more affordable vehicles may place less emphasis on customer service when selecting a dealer. They may be more focused on value, with less concern about amenities and customer service. These customers may be more satisfied with an efficient buying process and basic customer service.

No matter the customer segment, customer service is critically important for any dealership. Customers should be treated with respect, fully informed about the buying process, and satisfied with their overall experience. Without an adequate level of customer service, customers may feel ignored or disregarded and may be more likely to choose a competitor.

Most popular services and products offered by dealership service centers

1. Oil and filter changes
2. Tire rotation
3. Brake repair
4. Tune-ups
5. Battery replacement
6. Alignment services
7. Fluid flushes
8. Exhaust system repairs
9. Pre-purchase vehicle inspection
10. Windshield wiper replacements

List all of the Most preferred dealership repair pricing and promotional strategies

In the automotive industry, dealerships are constantly changing their repair pricing and promotional strategies to stay competitive. These strategies must be meticulously planned to keep customers happy by offering competitive pricing and promotions, while still driving up profits. This article will explore the most preferred dealership repair pricing and promotional strategies that are being used today.

1. Special pricing for repeat customers
2. Introductory offers for new customers
3. Bulk discounts
4. Discounted labor rates
5. Loyalty programs
6. Referral incentives
7. Limited-time promotions
8. Bundled services discounts
9. Manufacturers’ deals
10. Family and friends discounts
11. Discounts for military, veterans and first responders
12. Discounts for automobile clubs
13. Used parts discounts
14. Online-only coupons
15. Free towing services with repair work
16. Free inspections with repair work
17. Trade-in, trade-up services
18. Contests and sweepstakes



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