When to Redesign Dealership Website

How do you know when to re-design your website? Some of the following symptoms may prompt one to re-design their website. Additional details can be provided, by studying and analyzing the website and generating a report. DealTimer provides a FREE Website Analysis report with the ways to improve a website.

When to Redesign Dealership Website

  • If you notice any of the following reasons, it is time to re-design your website:
  • Customer Feedback: Your customers gave feedback that your WEB site could be improved. Though it is rare for customer to give this feedback. It is strongly recommended that the every sales rep is trained to ask this question to every customer during their interactions. We believe that the best feedback comes from customers who have thoroughly searched and researched the cars they wanted and chose your dealership to purchase their vehicles.
  • Google Search for Main Keywords: When you search for selected keywords on Google, and your Website is not listed in the first page of search results
  • Template Driven Website: If your WEB site is built using Templates, it is time build the Website the way you want!, or
  • Navigation confusion: Your customers could not navigate through the WEB site freely. Also, the Google Web Master Tools provide a clear cut channels through the Website Visitors are arriving from the Search Engines, which pages they are landing the most, what keywords brought them, from which page to which page they navigated the most, rather the ideal paths of navigation, from which page the customers walked off the website, etc. It is extremely important to learn why customers are leaving the Website and how to cater to their search needs by providing the cross links between pages with right information, etc. This kind of analysis can be performed on your Websites and the Websites can be truly redesigned to retain the customers.
  • Poor SEO: If you believe that your Website is not optimized well and it needs facelift! This is an ocean by itself. However, if the Website design company provides the basic SEO features, it provides great opportunity for dealership to show up in Google Searches.
  • Your own perception and feeling: You personally feel that the information could be presented in much better way with better graphics.
  • New Models: Your feel like presenting the new vehicle models and services to be presented in attractive with advanced graphics! This is really great opportunity to re-design at least add few pages related to the upcoming vehicles. Please do not forget that the manufacturers starts floating pages for concept cars and re-designed models and new models at least about 12 to24 months in advance to keep the customers to switch the loyalty and move on to another brand of vehicle. This is very important step in redesigning the Website, at least yearly once, just to address this aspect of content management.

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