Why is Google Removing 100s of Reviews

Noticing missing of reviews in Google? Why do you think Google is removing the positive reviews? Can the biggest search engine in the world could be biased? What are the reasons for missing dealership reviews?

Why is Google Removing 100s of Reviews

  • Google would not simply remove the Dealership reviews! There are several reasons why Google is removing the reviews.
  • As the dealerships notice that the new paradigm shift is taking place in Social Media with Reviews and Local offers and it is directly impacting the Marketing budgets of Dealerships, lots of so-called smart dealerships fell for 101-technology geek's ideas from smart vendors. Few Common Mistakes:
    • Mistake #1 – Giving oil changes or coupons in exchange for positive reviews: this is the biggest blunder the dealership is doing by bribing the customer for positive review. If the customer vouches that he/she received a favor for positive review, new local governmental agencies could be punishing the dealerships very badly.
    • Mistake #2 – Posting Reviews from Dealership: Few smart dealerships started giving IPAD to a customer in sales and services lounges and asked them to post a positive review on dealership and hence they end up having 100s of positive reviews in matter of days in Google Plus, Dealer Rater, Yelp, Merchant Circle, etc. As the Governmental agencies want to clean this abuse, Dealer Rater, Yelp, Google Plus Review Posting sites started posting very first review from a PC, Laptop, IPhone, or IPAD connected from a Wi-Fi with a specific IP address and all the subsequent review postings from the same business or IP address are marked as “spam ”, and such businesses are being severely punished by the review sites, because of pressure from Government scrutiny.
    • Mistake #3 ? Changing IP Address: Realizing that that IP addresses are being monitored by review companies, few vendors came up with the idea of changing the IP addresses each time you connect ( similar to DHCP assignment of Dynamic IP address to a pc, tablet, or smart phone), so that they will not get caught while posting 100s of reviews from the same dealership. It is utter foolishness of the vendors and hence the dealers falling for such cheap technology tricks, thinking that they can outsmart the Google software developers. Google like companies filter every aspect of such cheap tricks and punish dealerships. Hence, there is no substitute for hard work and get real reviews from customers using the right methods

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