Why More unhappy Vs Happy OEM surveys Filled

It is heartening to notice that unhappy experienced customers remember to fill out the OEM surveys compared to happy customers. Then how can the service managers overcome these negative surveys and boost the CSI scores to tier-1 in the district?
Let us explore a few strategies here and assist extremely busy service managers in recovering from these CSI disasters and lift the dealership to tier-1 CSI scores!

IDEA#1: Customers
With Negative Experience Not Followed up ?

Customers with negative experience if not contacted by service manager timely, those customers end up filling OEM surveys.
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IDEA#2: Finding as many happy customers as possible is the #1 factor to boost OEM CSI

DealTimer fetches over 500% more happy customer reviews compared to any reputation vendor in the market, because of the intelligent algorithms and ultra modern communications implemented by Dealtimer.
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IDEA#3: All it Takes
3-5 bad OEMs pushes Tier-1 to Tier3

Please see the list of two sets of exact 50-surveys differed by 3 surveys with scores of 200,200, 200 that pulled the CSI Score from 935 to 891.
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IDEA#4: Do you know
Happy Service Customers with DealTimer Reviews should be thanked again?

Do you know sending a simple ``Thank You`` note to all happy customers for their 5-star review could boost OEM survey filling chance from Happy Customer goes up by 30% more? This is a little secret of customer engagement and appreciation skill is not used in the automotive industry!!!!!
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IDEA#5: Capture Reviews from Unhappy Service Customers with DealTimer

Even if the happy customers do not respond to DealTimer overnight follow up, unhappy customers do respond for sure!. DealTimer captures mover 50-100 unhappy customer reviews per month.
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IDEA#6: Even if busy Service Manager ignores Unhappy Service Customers, can the Advisor be held responsible?

Most of the times the service managers are crazily busy like running around as chicken with head cut off, then DealTimer harasses service advisor to take charge of unhappy customer ticket to be resolved by begging or borrowing service manager's time. This is a must!!!!
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IDEA#7: Has Service Manager responded to Unhappy Service Customers through DealTimer Ticketing System?

90% of the Service Managers do not have time to follow up with unhappy customers. This is where DealTimer Ticketing System with ultra modern Communication Tools, it steals service manager's time for 30 seconds to review and respond to unhappy customer complaint!
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IDEA#8: Do you alert Service Manager on Negative Review instantly?

Get Alerts to Service Managers on *Unhappy Customer Reviews* through DealTimer not once , twice, thrice, even 5th time! Bug the busy service manager over SMS, Emails., if required over phone calls to pay attention to the unhappy customer review.
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IDEA#9: Can you force Unhappy Service Customer Review is followed up by Click-2-call phone calls only?

DealTimer handcuffs busy service managers who ignore to respond to unhappy customer review tickets several times, not only tracks their behavior, but goes to the extent of hand cuffing them to make phone calls through recordable CSI platform, so that the FIX is used later on!!!!
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IDEA#10: What if the Unhappy Reviewed Service Customer ticket is not resolved and he/she is chosen for OEM survey?

DealTimer goes extra mile to harass the service management on an emergency basis to address the DealTimer ticket and fix ASAP to avoid bad CSI score! If this request or two from DealTimeris ignored by Service Manager, it is time to re-adjust Service Manager Calendar to create a dedicated time slot for CSI with just 5-10 minutes allocated for tickets.
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IDEA#11: Can you check if the Unhappy Reviewed Customer is chosen by OEM to receive Survey?

If the unhappy reviewed service customer is chosen by the OEM to receive, do n't you want to know ahead of customer receiving OEM survey? There are 100s of rules for every OEM in Surveying Questions, scoring methods, KPI questions change from quarter to quarter, etc. This is a nightmare for many Service Managers do not have time to keep up with. This is where DealTimer brings Business Analysts to address these scenarios to help our Engineers to get help!!!!
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IDEA#12: Can you Alert Service Manager that Unhappy Reviewed Service Customer has OEM survey is in the INBOX ready to be filled?

It is even more important to alert service manager that the unhappy reviewed customer has OEM survey delivered and customer could fill the OEM survey anytime soon! DealTimer tracks how the service managers responds to this alert.
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Yes, as you all noticed it takes only 3 bad surveys filled with a score of 200 out of 1000 in the month to bring down the month’s CSI score average from a tier-1 score of 935 to tier-3 with a score of 891.
DealTimer‘s OEM CSI Booster Solution not only finds 30-75 unhappy customer reviews before OEM surveys are mailed out and offers a full-service that brings these 12 innovative ideas implemented to avoid CSI killing OEM CSI surveys from being filled. Why Wait? Please schedule a 30-minute Web-Demo to view the solution by filling out the form below. 

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