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Software Tools can make or break Dealer Staff!

In the age of Self Driving Car Building, it is time to Automate Sales, Service and BDC Staff Operations!
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Self-Driving Dealership Operations

DealTimer Software Tools for Sales, Service, Internet, Marketing and BDC Departments

How to Keep Customers happy is the key!

Customer Experience Management or CXM Tools

Measuring Customer Experience is THE most important aspect to close the sales deal or schedule service appointments. Finding the customer satisfaction after sale or repair only can retain the cusotmer for life! Otherwise we loose customer just like that!

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Self Driving BDC Tools

Business Development Tools should empower Sales, BDC or Service Staff to accomplish their day-to-day tasks in half of the normal time! This gives freedom for staff to think and act outside the box and give more time to customers! DealTimer eliminates 80% of data entry work and automates more than 90% of staff operations empowering them to function as intelligent staff!

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Dealer AI Communication Tools

DealTimer offers suite of communication channels like Email, SMS, Interactive Chat, Messenger Platforms, Interactive Voice Telephone, Artificial Intelligence or AI based BDC, Smart Web Forms, and finally old school snail mail services to reach out customers.
Communicating with millenials should be different from the communicating with old school customers. If you treat them in the same way, we have to loose one or the other as customers!

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Automation, Customization & Support

90% of dealership staff have to copy and paste the data or text from one tool to another or type in phone numbers to look for customer information, etc. With DealTimer customization, 99% of the data entry is avoided, and every operation dealership perform manually three times a week or three times a month is automated in DealTimer, enabling the staff performance enhanced boosted to 200% and riase the customer satisfaction in appointment setting and folloup operations!

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Internet and Marketing Tools

Typical Marketing Managers are moving away from traditional old school marketing to digital age marketing. DealTimer provides Marketing Tools starting with in-house vehicle photo tools, vehicle inventory marketing tools, sales and service marketing tools

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Sales Floor Tools

DealTimer offers suite of Sale department tools that empower sales staff, sales BDC staff and management staff to bring customers to sales floor with improved appointment set ratios and boost the lead generation and lead conversion ratios. Hence, return on investment on marketing budget brings the per-vehicle-marketing-cost by atleast 30% from traditional operations!

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Service CRM Suite of Tools

The Service Department is #1 profit center. Typical dealers have 3-4 vendors for Service Marketing, Service Recalls, Service Appointment Schedule, Service OEM CSI, Service Self-serve portal and Service Online Payment products. DealTimer offers tightly integrated 6-product service CRMsuite saving the dealerships over 70% of monthly budget and boosting service operations by 100% effciency.

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Dealer Social Media Tools

The modern interner era opened Social Media giants penetration in much bigger proportion and off-late the artificial intelligence based offerings need to be capitalized by the dealerships not to be left behind in the race!

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Customer Satisfaction Boosted with tripled Google Reviews, Dealership Reviews and OEM Surveys

Dealtimer's 300% more Review capturing is the key for resolving more customer frustrations and retaining all customers form leaking silently and even in new customer acquisitions!
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Job should be like hobby!

4 Key Steps for Customer Retention

  • Take away manual steps in Dealership Staff operations to boost the productivity
  • Measure and monitor Service and the Sales customer experience in Real-Time
  • More Unhappy customer reviews resolved to retain more customers!
  • Data-driven analytics help the Dealer Managers on top of staff!
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We develop your business from an internal and
external customer perspective

The high technical competence combined with profound knowledge of the Dealer Software Usage Boosts Dealer StaffProductivity, productivity, revenue, bonues and job in the dealership!
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