AI Communication Tools

In the modern world, youth like SMS messages for quicker responses, and very few of them prefer phone calls.

  • Whereas people in their 40s and 50s may also respond to email communications.
  • Other age groups may still prefer telephone conversations and some prefer even USPS postcards or even handwritten notes.
  • Some prefer even Artificial Intelligence to schedule service appointments quicker in 1 minute or less for appointment scheduling.
  • Some prefer Web-chat or interactive voice response or IVR models to respond to common notifications or alerts.
  • So DealTimer went ahead to create 21 plus communication modes being provided in al-a-carte mode for dealerships to pick and chose the communication modes suitable to their client base for optimal results.
  • Again, DealTimer engineers will not provide all communication modes to all customers and dealers can choose which communications would be better for their operations. DealTimer systems monitor and track what are the preferred modes of communication modes for a specific customer in responding and keep communicating in that mode in the future for better responses.


Interactive AI Tele-Platform

AI TelePlatform connects customers, dealership staff and Virtual AI Agents, so that 100% of customers are connected to either human staff members or AI Virtual Staff


Click-2-call is the best to ensure that customers and staff are connected through Click-2-Call technology or C-T-C.  The C-T-C technology can be embedded into any of the DealTimer products as a plug-and-play add-on.


SMS-Campaigns technology can be added to any of the Sales or Service BDC campaigns as a plug-and-play.

SMS Texting

SMS-Texting can be added to any of the DealTimer products, enabling all dealership staff to send SMS to customers.

Sending Emails

“Send-Email”   feature enables to send email and it is added to the customer field in any of the DealTimer products. All Email communications are automatically added to the customer communication history.


Email-Campaigns technology can be added to any of the Sales or Service BDC campaigns as a plug-and-play. This helps trigger the email campaigns or schedule to send email to all customers in the list as a later time.

Ringless Voice Mails

“Ringless Voice Mails” or RVM  enables staff to call customers and leave a voice mail message on the customer’s voice mailbox without ringing the call on the customer’s phone.

Interactive Voice

“Interactive-Voice”   is an AI Computer voice acting as human being and it can make an outbound call or even receive a call from customer and engage in customer communications for the intended-purpose.

Simple Surveys

“Simple-Surveys” are ways to capture customer responses for a series of questions of true/false, multiple choice, or accept text and the survey questions are fixed in a given survey.

Dynamic Surveys

Unlike “Simple-Surveys”, “Dynamic Surveys” can end the survey or extend the survey based on the customer response. Even if a customer stops the survey in the middle, the survey responses are captured to that point of stopping.

Phone Campaigns

“Phone-Campaigns”   help sales reps, BDC reps, or Advisors to call all customers in the list with auto-dialing and or even to take over the call in case the call went onto the voice mail and empower the staff to move on to the next customer. This way, one employee can make 100-plus calls per hour.

AI Phone Campaigns

“AI-Phone-Campaigns”  are AI Virtual Reps as sales reps, BDC reps, or Advisors to call all customers in the list and interact with the customers using AI.  Later the staff can listen to the AI-Phone-Campaign entries and review the calls.

Interactive Web Chat

The Web-Chats when powered by AI can engage customers browsing online by appropriately answering to the customers and even directing the customers to appropriate Web pages or even capturing their feedback.

Web Forms

“Web forms” are ways to enable customers to enter fill-in blanks of fields while reading a paragraph or pages of information online.Web-Forms can be plugged into any of the line content and the responses can be captured and stored for further processing.


The FAX technology is no longer old-school faxing any more and all incoming and outgoing faxes are in digital format and content can be stored for further processing.

Phone Conferencing

Phone-Conferencing is the way to bring 2 to 20 dealership and even customers onto a conference call mode and record the entire conference and store it for further reviewing or processing.

DealTimer Messenger

DealTimer Messenger is like a “WhatsApp” way of bringing 2 or more dealerships or even customers into Messenger format to chat in “public” and “private” modes blocking confidential information from customer viewing.

Facebook Messenger

The “Facebook” Messenger enables Dealership staff to send and receive messages over “Facebook Messenger” and all such communications are stored for further. Customer programming in this area can generate leads from Facebook for sales or service departments.

WhatsApp Messenger

The “Whatsapp” Messenger enables Dealership staff to send and receive messages over “Whatsapp Messenger” and all such communications are stored for further. Customer programming in this area can generate leads from Whatsapp for sales or service departments.

Call Reviewing

“Call Reviewing” enables staff listening to customer calls to rate the calls on clarity, call quality, rate staff interaction, call rating on mild-warm-hot, lead generation, etc.  This saves 1000s of dollars to dealerships from paying to 3rd party call reviewing companies.

Leads from AI Communications

All Customer’s AI Communications are recorded. The system is smart enough to generate leads from AI Customer communications automatically or allows staff to create leads for sales, service, and parts while listening to the recorded AI Communications.

AI CSI Tickets

The “AI-Communications” of phone, SMS, Interactive Voice, Chat and Web Forms of communications can generate a “CSI Ticket”  with “Hot” or “Warm” rating, in case the conversation has made the customer upset or frustrated. CSI Tickets are routed to respective staff and managers to resolve the issue.

Call Transcriptions

“Call Transrciptings” enables all recorded calls to convert from speech to text and even process the text for any customer leads or CSI-Tickets. The call transcriptions were stored, and even forwarded to the staff to act upon the transcribed text.

Phone Surveys

“Phone Survey” is like “Email Survey”, except that the AI Computer PAL calls customer and upon the customer accepting the call will prompt the question and accept responses for all survey questions. All “Phone Surveys” are stored for further processing.

SMS Surveys

“SMS Survey” is like an “Email Survey”, except that the AI Computer PAL sends an SMS to one customer or all customers in the list, and upon the customer responds to the SMS, it moves on to the next question in the survey. All “Phone Surveys” are stored for further processing.

Voice Recordings

“Voice Recording” Technology enables staff to call in and read the text in pre-written “voice templates” and record and save it or erase or re-record it on a needed basis.  The voice recordings are used by the “AI Pals” in call campaigns to act like the staff.  This alone saves 100s of hours of wages.

AI Templates

Email-SMS-Voice Templates are the written-up templates for a given process. These templates are used in all Email campaigns, SMS Campaigns, and phone call campaigns.

AI Machine Learning

The DealTimer AI-Engine has “Machine Learning” embedded in order to continuously improve customer communications.

AI Report Generation

AI Report Generator is a special feature that generates reports for customer or staff and sends email to the respective person on demand.

Things you should know


Customer Analytics

Capturing customer behavior in all AI Communication is the key and generate Analytics. The analytics can be processed to empower management staff derive next course of action. Customer Analytics can help in fraud detection, customer loyalty, response rates, and future dependability, etc.

Employee Behavior Capturing

The AI Engine captures employee behavior on their loyalty, promptness of doing, productivity, staff rating. For Example, the AI Pal knows after how many rings customer answered the call, if the employee opened lead or not, staff completed the task or not, etc.

System Analytics

More than 70% of the Dealership operations are performed by DealTimer BDC Technology Pals, or AI Engine. Similar to customer and staff is captured, it is very important to capture AI Pal's behavior.

Things you should know


Email Templates

DealTimer creates Email Templates for all customer communications savings 100s of hours in writing text in each of the emails.

SMS Templates

SMS Templates are designed steer customer's SMS communications to be taken the in the direction of lead generation.

Voice Templates

Voice Templates are used for recording of customer voice recordings or customer customer campaigns.

Get Paid through AI

Using AI for Payment Processor

3 modes of payments
External image
AI - Phone Payment Processing

The AI Payment Processing Technology supports to accept payments over phone from customer and apply the payments for given invoice or appropriate purpose.

AI - Email Payment Capture

The AI Technology can plug Payment Processing into Email and upon customer clicking, the system can accept the payment using credit card and apply the payment.

AI - Invoice Presentation

The System supports invoice creation and present it to customer and trigger to capture payment from customer with one-click-pay.


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