Sales Floor CRM

List Price :None/month

No matter how the lead was generated, whether walk-in, 3rd party WEB sites, dealership WEB site, customer called in, etc., when the customer walks into the dealership and scans the drivers license, it helps to capture customer photo and official address and name into the database.

Features of Sales Floor CRM

  1. No need to enter customer information manually into the system. No need to take copy of driver's license. It saves at least 5 to 10 minutes per customer.
    • Realize more than 200% customer base with Database System Vs. Pencil & Paper Tracking
    • No Data entry: Driver License and Business Card Scanners.
    • Improve CSI rating for Sales Floor operations
    • Reduce current marketing budget with Technology & Call Center Services
    • Monitoring Sales Floor operation from the Sales Manager's Desk.

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